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Movement is healthy – especially on two wheels. It doesn’t always have to be Harley-Davidson or BMW.

Actually, health insurance should pay subsidies for motorbike driving. Honest. No, not because riding a motorcycle would be so dangerous, but because motorized locomotion on two wheels is a major contributor to mental wellbeing. You don’t ride a motorcycle because you have to, but because you want to. It starts with that.

 two wheels

It’s not about getting from A to B as quickly as possible, but as beautiful as possible. Motorcycling is like a mini-vacation: it means an exercise in the fresh air, in the most beautiful landscapes, your head is free, everyday life is far away.

The mini-vacation for in between

You experience landscapes, feel the curves, uphill and downhill, smell the sawmill; freshly mowed meadows and the Odel you can feel warmth, heat, cold, and – if you don’t belong to the class of fair-weather riders – even wetness. Even rides in the rain have their special charm: clouds not only create a special mood in the sky but also for the driver – and if it should only be the feeling of well-being to arrive, to have successfully defied the elements and experienced an adventure.

The root of the word experience has something to do with driving. Happiness hormones are released. Those affected report a permanent grin under the helmet. Motorcycling is one of those special things that you do for its own sake. And whose purpose consists in doing exactly this. It is precisely these things that ensure the necessary mental hygiene and recharges your own battery.

And even more than that; driving a motorbike train’s concentration: Moped drivers also think along for others. It enriches social life: you get to know people who share an enthusiasm for the same passion. You can ride a motorcycle well into old age. And indulge in this passion alone or with your partner – without having to talk to each other. There has never been more and better functional clothing, protectors, motorcycles, and accessories. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. What are you waiting for? Life is too short for being bored!

Triumph Bobber: The all-round carefree package for bad boys and bad girls

Triumph Bobber

The legendary British brand knows how to build contemporary neo-classics that combine purism with stylish beauty. No question about it: the Black Bobber retracts – without unnecessary optical ballast, but with cruise control, heated handles, and brakes with ABS that deserve their name. Fast forward movement is not a problem with this machine, as long as the curves are not too tight. And so that the driver can keep up with the look, there is the right outfit in the Triumph store.

KTM 1290 Super Duke R: For the experienced corner robber

KTM 1290 Super Duke R

The motto “Ready to Race” is not an empty promise for the two-cylinder Austrian, but a clear message with 177 HP and 140 Nm torque: The V2 engine gets people and machines going. The uncompromising naked bike is almost a danger for tickets on Swiss roads. Performance is not a shame, but beginners and inexperienced users should better stay away, even if, or precisely because, electronic driving aids such as traction control, anti-hopping clutch, and motorcycle stability control with ABS cornering act as safety until the laws of physics prevail. You shouldn’t fool yourself: only Zen masters of self-control succeed in driving comfortably, as it is simply too much fun to let the horse gallop lively and therefore the throttle hand is guaranteed to itch and twitch.

Indian Chief Vintage: For comfort-oriented displacement nostalgic

Indian Chief Vintage

Would you like a little more? At the Indian Chief Vintage, you laugh in the cellar, or more precisely: in the engine speed cellar. A potent 150 Nm torque is already served at 2100 rpm. According to the motto “a lot helps a lot”, the two cylinders together have a mighty 1811 cc displacement. Nevertheless, the almost eight hundred pounds of fringed and chrome-adorned retro beauty is satisfied with only 5.8 l of must per 100 km – according to the manufacturer. She likes to leave top performance and speed to others. It convinces with its baroque appearance.

Honda CRF 1000 Africa Twin: For part-time adventurers

Honda CRF 1000 Africa Twin

The travel legend is alive – and still looks very good. The right motorbike for (almost) all situations in life and on the road: fast motorway journeys, winding country roads, gravel paths, and easy terrain. Comfortable or brisk, on or off-road, alone and as a couple, with or without luggage – in short: the nimble two-cylinder with 998 ccm is a suitable choice for everyone who needs to go further beyond the horizon, comfortably and at that reliable. Everything is ready.



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