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If you just got your motorcycle license, you are in it or, simply, you are curious, from bikerbuys.com we offer ten tips that will help you if you are a novice motorcyclist. While these are just a few tips to keep in mind as a novice rider, we hope they help you avoid common problems when starting out.

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What to keep in mind when you’re a novice biker

Following these tips will help you drive your motorcycle with greater safety, something very necessary both in the city and on the road, since they are in hostile environments where you never know what can happen to you, or when. Here are our tips for the novice biker:

  1. Choose your motorcycle well! Not only in terms of size, but also power and displacement. You have to be comfortable on your motorcycle and not suffer to drive.
  2. Always well equipped! Your safety is the most important thing, therefore, you must invest in quality equipment (helmet, gloves, overalls, boots, jacket). Thanks to these basic safety elements, the secondary effects in the event of a fall or accident will be less.
  3. Your attitude at the handlebars counts! The motorcycle should give respect and you should never be trusting. Be careful, do not go at a high speed, pay attention to other drivers, make yourself visible, keep your balance and stability well, are some of the points you should take into account. Little by little you will gain experience, and your condition as a novice motorist and your driving will be an example for other road users.
  4. Avoid carrying passengers. At the beginning it is important that you drive your motorcycle alone and get used to it. Carrying a passenger will affect your balance and you will have to do more to avoid falling. It is better to wait and adapt to the bike. Also, remember that in order to carry passengers, your motorcycle must be approved for it. When in doubt, consult the technical sheet of your motorcycle.
  5. Know your motorcycle. When buying it, you have to inform yourself beforehand, but also afterwards. Read the manual well and, if you have any questions, consult an expert. You never know what doubt may arise at the handlebars and it is always better to be safe than sorry.
  6. Never speed around. Lack of experience (and fear) can make you speed up more than necessary. Remember that the road is not a circuit, you must respect the speed limits and adapt to the traffic on the road. The rush is not good, it is better to be late than not to arrive.
  7. Keep the safe distance. As with speed, when you are a novice motorcyclist, very important aspects of driving safely are neglected, such as not keeping a safe distance. Keep in mind that it is important to leave enough space for a possible sudden stop and to avoid colliding with other road users.
  8. Beware of distractions! Not being used to riding a motorcycle, it is very likely that the elements of the environment facilitate your distraction, therefore, focus properly on driving to avoid scares.
  9. Be careful of slippery surfaces! Both on the road and in the city, the pavements are not uniform and sometimes they are not in good condition. We can find everything along the route, therefore, it is important to look closely and detect possible “obstacles” that we come across (gravel , ice, etc.). Avoid white paint, manhole covers, etc. not to slip.
  10. Caution when cornering! As a novice rider , you should be aware that you need practice to gain skill when cornering. Take a look at the article “5 mistakes when cornering” for ideas on what you should do to trace safely.

We hope these recommendations are useful to you. We recommend that you consult other AMV Tips , which will help you get started in the world of two wheels. Bikers caution!




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