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Electromobility is an unstoppable phenomenon. More and more manufacturers are betting on marketing electric vehicles. Including those in the two-wheel sector! Therefore, through this post we are going to deal with the main advantages of electric motorcycles . If you still don’t know them, take note!

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What are the advantages of electric motorcycles?

As with electric cars, electric motorcycles bring numerous benefits to their users. From wearing an environmental badge that identifies them as environmentally friendly vehicles to being exempt from some taxes, from AMV’s motorcycle and quad blog we review their advantages.

  1. 0 emissions environmental label

According to the classification made in its day by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) , electric motorcycles wear the blue environmental label of 0 emissions. It is a true safe-conduct that facilitates being able to circulate in areas with low emissions and in episodes of high pollution in large cities like Madrid or Barcelona.

By the way, if you have a gasoline motorcycle without a label, you can check the different environment of your vehicle at the DGT’s electronic headquarters . The labels are for sale at post offices, authorized workshops, administrative managers, the Institute for Automotive Studies and, in the case of fleets, the Ganvam association.

  1. Privileged vehicles in the city

But being able to circulate in areas with low emissions and in episodes of high pollution are not the only advantages of electric motorcycles in the city. In addition, depending on municipal regulations, they have other privileges such as free parking, the reduced rate in regulated areas, authorization to circulate in special lanes, etc.

Since we have referred to parking, do you know how to park a motorcycle in the city correctly? It has always been said that the ease of parking is one of the main advantages of motorcycles in the city. However, they cannot be left anywhere. Otherwise, we run the risk of being fined.

  1. Exemption from some taxes

As we have seen, some municipalities encourage the use of electric motorcycles. And not only that. They exempt them from paying the mechanical traction tax or they apply significant discounts in what is also known as the circulation tax or number.

Also, as we explained in the article , What taxes do electric motorcycles pay? , this type of vehicle does not pay the registration tax or the General Indirect Tax (IGIC) – VAT in the Canary Islands. And in some cases, electric motorcycles can lead to a reduction in personal income tax.

  1. Autonomy is no longer a problem

Traditionally, the electric vehicles has been their autonomy. But that, fortunately, is changing. Today, with electric motorcycles it is possible to complete a day without the fear of running out of battery. And this is so thanks to the removable batteries. One less problem!

In cases where an electric motorcycle cannot be recharged at a specific point, the removable batteries can be easily moved and recharged from a conventional socket while sleeping, working or studying. And another interesting alternative that manufacturers are working on is interchangeable batteries.

  1. Lower cost per kilometer

Therefore, with an electric motorcycle it is possible to travel many kilometers a day. And when talking about routes, did you know that the cost per kilometer is cheaper on an electric motorcycle than on a gasoline model equipped with a similarly powerful engine?

While it is true that each comparison would require a detailed study, recharging an electric motorcycle can be up to four times cheaper than filling the fuel tank of a 125 cc model. And there are also free recharging points in offices, commercial areas, hotels or airports. Good to know!

  1. Lower maintenance periods

Continuing with the advantages of electric motorcycles , their maintenance periods are lower than those required for gasoline motorcycles. For example, on an electric motorcycle, it will not be necessary to periodically go to a trusted workshop to change the oil or filters.

And according to experts, an electric motor is simpler than a combustion motor at a mechanical level. In this sense, by having fewer moving parts, the propellant of an electric motorcycle is less likely to fail. Something that our pocket will appreciate.

  1. . Respectful of the environment

As previously discussed, electric motorcycles sport the blue 0 emissions environmental badge. For this reason, they have become major players in sustainable mobility. Undoubtedly, by generating fewer polluting emissions, greater use of this type of vehicle would contribute to creating more livable urban environments.

And to achieve the latter, they also stand out for their low levels of acoustic emissions. Electric motorcycles are silent and this helps to increase the quality of life of those who live in the city. Did you know that noise is one of the factors that causes the most stress in people?

  1. Acquisition assistance plans

One of the arguments that have always been used when referring to the disadvantages of electric motorcycles has been their high price. However, the difference with combustion motorcycles is not so much in some models. And this encourages you to consider what to buy depending on the use: gasoline or electric motorcycle?

If you plan to move to electromobility, it is advisable that you inform yourself about the plans to help the acquisition of existing electric vehicles. Every year, the State Administration and the autonomous communities allocate economic items for this purpose. Ask at the dealer!

  1. Advantages common to gasoline motorcycles

And among the advantages of electric motorcycles are many of those provided by gasoline motorcycles. Thus, they are a safe alternative to public transport, they spend less time than other vehicles in completing urban routes and some can be driven with the B car license .

If you are a motorist who has decided to park your car and go into the world of motorcycles, we advise you to participate in a safe driving course. Thanks to this type of training you will acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to move around on your new electric motorcycle safely.

  1. Cheaper compulsory insurance

Finally, electric motorcycles, as with any motor vehicle, must have compulsory insurance to be able to legally circulate on public roads. Well, compared to a car, taking out the policy is cheaper. Another advantage to consider!

With almost 50 years of history serving motorcyclists, AMV helps you choose the insurance that best suits your needs and, if you wish, customize it with optional coverage. If you want a budget without obligation, calculate now your price for the insurance of your electric motorcycle .


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