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The metabolic window is a period of time after exercise in which the body is more receptive to the input of nutrients.metabolic food

During bicycle training, the cyclist exerts physical wear and tear that forces the body to pull on the nutrients available in the body to conserve energy and avoid exhaustion episodes. That is why it is very likely that at the end of a very demanding routine the muscles will be empty and it will be necessary to feed ourselves properly to replenish the protein and glycogen reserves and thus speed up the recovery process.

There is an eating method known in the sports world as the “metabolic window”, which is basically a time interval after finishing the routine in which the cyclist’s body is more receptive to capturing or assimilating nutrients.

Choose the food you like the most to recover

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Although the metabolic sale can last up to two hours after completing the exercise, nutrition experts assure that the best time to eat is between 15 and 45 minutes after the end of the training, since it is in that instant where there is an increase of more than 500% in glucose uptake and muscle protein synthesis is maximized.

However, as we let time go by without consuming any type of food, the metabolic sale closes and the muscle cell becomes less receptive to the uptake of nutrients, which slows down recovery.

Therefore, the ideal is to take advantage of the period of time that we have mentioned (between 15 and 45 minutes after the bike training) because it is in that interval where more nutrients will go to your muscles.

There are some foods that are a very good source of protein and vitamins and that could be a great option to eat after your sports days. These include chicken, bananas, low-fat dairy, peanuts or almonds, recovery bars, and even home-made protein and carbohydrate (carbohydrate) shakes.

All these products mentioned will help you regenerate muscles as quickly as possible, gain muscle mass and contribute to your recovery process after a demanding routine.

Take advantage of the metabolic sale to feed yourself in the best way at the right time and thus improve your performance


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