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Cold or hot on a motorcycle. What’s worse

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We have already spent time on how to choose the best motorcycle jacket for the cold , or the best motorcycle gloves for the cold , or even how to buy the best motorcycle pants for the cold . However, we rarely ask ourselves which would be the best motorcycle boots for the cold or the best motorcycle helmet also for the cold.

It is common to hear phrases such as “I prefer to ride in the cold before riding in the heat”, or “in the cold you wrap yourself up and that’s it, but with the heat you can’t do anything”. Okay, we think just the opposite. We can observe Spain, focus on Europe or look at the entire planet, but in any case, the usual places where we will shoot will offer us temperatures between -15º and 45º. Yes, you have seen colder and hotter, but most of us will roll between these parameters and even lower.

Traveling on a motorcycle at 45º is not pleasant, it is very uncomfortable and the sensations are varied depending on the person. Sometimes, if our health is not good and we do not hydrate the body enough, we can even take a serious risk. However, drinking a lot and with the right clothing, in order of march the trip can be acceptable. A very effective trick is to get wet on the outside, literally going from gas station to gas station and getting soaked under the hose. For at least a couple of hours you will circulate reasonably well. Today we also have truly innovative solutions, with different cooling vests and wonderful ventilated garments.

Traveling on a motorcycle at -15º is not pleasant, of course, and the dangers that affect our health due to hypothermia are compounded by the risks that lurk on the road, such as ice. As much as you bundle up and drink warm grandmother’s broth before leaving, if you drive at 120km / hour with -15º for hours, your body will lose temperature and you can go through real trouble and even lose limbs such as fingers or toes. Today we can be happy and there are other solutions besides bundling up. In addition to using the correct layers in order to maintain our body temperature, we can now isolate ourselves from the outside with accessories such as mittens and lever covers and even use garments that generate heat, heated motorcycle garments.

I am me, my motorcycle and my circumstance

However, there are many more factors than the outside temperature to assess our comfort. We can ride on a naked motorcycle and it will be very different from doing it on a touring or maxi trail. In the same way, it will be very different to shoot in places with high humidity or to shoot in dry areas, or even our height will be important. A tall person will be more exposed to the elements than a short person. In short, it is not easy to find universal solutions for everyone, and under the same weather conditions, each of us will have a particular experience.

In short, each biker will have their preferences, but it is advisable not to play with our health and flee from these extremes. It is not worth risking our health to put a photo on Instagram or show off in a trendy bar. Motorcycle and Responsibility.

The best motorcycle boots for the cold | Measures to keep your feet warm while riding a motorcycle in the cold

However, we insist that riding a motorcycle in the cold is serious and to find the most suitable motorcycle boots for the cold, we will take into account the following:

  1. They must be waterproof and better laminated. Normally a boot is waterproof thanks to a kind of waterproof sock that it carries inside, between the boot itself and a pleasant lining that will be in contact with our skin or sock. Thus, the water will remain between this sock and the outer layer of the boot, and may even freeze, something not good if we want to fight the cold. In laminated garments, in particular laminated motorcycle boots, they have this sock that we speak of as glued to the outside, adhered, laminated we say. In conclusion, they repel water and thus cut the outside, cold, water or snow from outside.
  2. Technical winter socks that extract moisture and maintain body temperature. Now we also have heated motorcycle socks and heated motorcycle insoles.
  3. Normally we will wear, if the temperature is very low, thermal pants close to the legs. In any case, we must prevent the heat from escaping through the upper part of the boot. For this reason, better high boots combined with motorcycle thermal pants, so that the set fits better to our twin and the heat does not go away.
  4. The motorcycle pants must cover the ankle when we are sitting on the motorcycle, not in the bar while we have breakfast or have a beer. The pants and, especially when it is winter, have to stay like the street pants, but when we are already sitting on the motorcycle. With this we will favor that the temperature of our feet is maintained.

You have motorcycle? Well, you already have a compelling reason to be happy. Once you have chosen the appropriate equipment, you should know that there is little else you can do if there comes a time when you are cold. Stop at a bar, tell other bikers how cold you are, listen to how they tell you how cold they are too and enjoy the route that would never give you so much satisfaction by car.


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