Guide to Hiring a Corporate Moving Services

corporate moving

Hiring a high quality corporate relocation services is necessary if you want your office items to be moved smoothly without any damages during the moving process. If you google for moving company, thousands of companies will appear in the search result. The key to finding a good moving company is to check their reputation. A corporate moving company with good reputation will surely be recommended by people. So, you should ask your friends for recommendations on any good moving company they have hired before. After collecting a list of recommendations, you should visit their websites and pick 3 – 4 moving companies that best match your needs. You can fill in the quote estimate form or call the moving company to get an estimate quote.


The cost of the corporate moving services usually depends on the weight of the goods you want to move and how much spaces they will take. The estimator will go through all your inventories in order to give you an accurate estimate quote for the relocation services. You must let the estimator know which items you want to move and which items you don’t want to move. The moving cost can also depend on the day when the moving take place. For example, the rate can be higher when you move on the weekday. When you are given the estimate quote, you must ask if the quote include the fuel charges.


You can save money by having your goods shipped with other people’s goods. However, you must keep in mind that consolidation can slow down the delivery time. The moving company should have a lot of experience in moving the same kinds of goods that you want to move. They should wrap your items with the correct packaging materials to protect it from damages during the moving process. You should ask them how long they will take to wrap your items and if they will charge additional fee if it take more than one day to wrap your items.


If you plan to relocate your office to another area, you should hire a local moving company that is nearby to your office address. If you want to move your office to another state, the moving company that you hire must have a US DOT number. The US DOT number is a license number that gives the moving company the license to move things to another state. You can find out if the DOT license number is valid by searching it in the database at the U.S. Department of Transportation. On the other hand, if you just need to move things to another address within the state, the moving company that you hire must have a state license.


The moving company must offer some sort of insurance coverage for the goods. There ma be different types of charges for the different levels of protection on your goods. Basically, there are 2 types of protection including full value protection and alternative level of liability. Full value protection means that the mover will compensate you for the items that is damaged during the moving process in one of the 3 ways including repair the item, replace it with a new and similar item or pay you the full cost of the item. Alternative level of liability is free of cost and offers minimal protection for your goods. The downside of this option of protection is that you will only be compensated a very small amount of money if an expensive item is damaged.


Before hiring the moving company, make sure you do research and see whether it has any reviews from customers. You can check for customer reviews by visiting sites like Better Business Bureau (BBB), Yelp, and Citysearch. You can give the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) a call and ask to see if the moving company is a member. You can visit consumer reporting sites to see if there is any consumer complaint about the moving company. You should check and see if the moving company has won any type of award in the past.


After they have moved the items to the destination, make sure you open the boxes and go through every item to see if there is any damage. You should do this before putting down your signature on the bill. There is a limited time frame for you to report any problem so you must make sure to check the boxes within this period. If you exceed this period, you won’t be able to file a claim for the damaged items.

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