Calculating Compensation Following A Motorbike Accident

While it is possible to claim compensation if you have been involved in any type of accident that was not your fault, motorbike accidents tend to be the ones that attract the highest compensation figures. Riders are prone to serious injury because there is not the same level of protection offered by the metal cage, airbags, seatbelts, and other safety features found in modern cars. However, considering a victim may be unable to work for a number of years following an accident, will need to have professional repairs made to their bike, and may need ongoing care and rehabilitation, it is vital that a compensation figure is calculated that accurately reflects the level of loss that a person will suffer.

Calculating Compensation Following A Motorbike Accident

While minor accidents and minor injuries may attract compensation of hundreds of pounds, or a couple of thousand pounds, the most serious injuries and fatal accidents can attract compensation figures equating to hundreds of thousands and even millions of pounds. Most cases fall somewhere between this scale, with very few being found at either extreme of the scale.

A portion of the compensation that you receive is paid as straight compensation for the physical and mental injuries and damage that you suffer. This is often said to compensate for the difficulties that you will face leading a fulfilling social life or family life, and in the case of fatal accidents it is essentially paid as bereavement compensation as well as personal injury compensation for the suffering that your loved one endured before they passed.

Whether you intend to get back on your bike as soon as it is repaired and you are able to, it is important that you get the bike fixed promptly and professionally. This means getting a professional engineer’s report, ensuring that repairs are made by professional and experienced mechanics, and that you also receive compensation to cover the replacement of safety equipment and other accessories. A helmet should never be repaired, and you should never compromise on the quality of this essential item, so a new helmet should be included as part of the compensation calculation.

If private treatment would mean you would be able to get back to work sooner, and you would have a greater chance of making a full recovery, then there could be a case to claim the costs of private treatment from the responsible party. Additional costs incurred, including everything from prescription costs to the cost of getting a taxi to your medical appointments, should also be incorporated into your compensation payment. Essentially, you shouldn’t have to pay for anything out of your pocket, if it has arisen as a direct result of the accident you were involved in.

Motorbike accidents can have serious consequences, and if you have endured any injury, then you might be able to claim compensation from the other party. You can use the money that you receive to pay for your recuperation and recovery, as well as to pay for the repairs to your bike and the replacement of any equipment and accessories that were damaged during the accident.

Carry On Biking is a team of experienced solicitors that are also experienced bikers. They can help you to calculate an accurate compensation package, and to present your claim to the courts in a bid to ensure that you win the compensation that you are entitled to.

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