Easier way to refuel your vehicle


Look what we found. Finally someone has invented an easier way to refuel your vehicle.

Fed up of driving across the UK and having to hold those stiff old petrol triggers. That are quite frankly filthy and archaic in design and functionality. The amount of our colleagues and friends that complain about having to stand there in the cold holding the petrol pump. Well NO MORE. “Pump Pal” – is to be used when refuelling your vehicle. (Car, Van MPV, bike, boat, horsebox, caravan, campervan) A simple but perfectly made product that keeps the pump trigger in its engaged position. Very sleek and apple esque in design. It really is taking the motoring world by storm in Britain and we can see why. Here auto loans in Los Angeles is great one for your auto fianance.

So simple, for all of you that think ahhh I don’t need one of those. Try it for a week then go back to holding the trigger and you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

Some of the simplest inventions we all thought we would never need. The paperclip, the post it note. The smart phone which now we all have. This is so sleek and simple, very safe to use and it makes us shake our heads that we did not invent this ourselves.

The great thing is it’s price point is affordable for all drivers.

The fuel pumps auto shut off will stop automatically once your tank is full, alternatively you can disengage Pump Pal whenever you wish during the refuelling process.

All of those that stopped filling their cars up due to grip, dexterity, cleanliness, cold or simply effort now will. This in the long term saves the customer money from all the trips back and forth to the petrol station. It also saves you wear and tear on your car.

From petrol stations to car hire companies that can get these branded with their logos. It encourages customers to add more fuel and fill up your vehicles with ease.

Simple, effective and has genuinely revolutionised my motoring experience.

It’s a genius invention for all drivers who are tired of cold, achy, germ ridden, sore hands from holding the trigger in on UK petrol pumps!

Pump Pal was created as simple gadget that keeps the refuelling nozzle engaged, taking pressure off your grip whilst at the pump.

One of the top filthiest surfaces we encounter commuting to work was named as the petrol pump. This was said to breed germs and viruses faster than they can be cleaned. Gas pump handles topped the list revealing that 71 per cent were found infected with the worst bacteria and viruses associated with causing illness.

A lot of our early customers had admitted to jamming things in to present having to hold the pump. Our simple invention adheres to health and safety standards and is user friendly for all ages and abilities.

Pump Pal is ergonomically designed and supports people suffering with any illness or disease affecting dexterity and grip. Including but not exclusive to; Acromegaly, Arthritis, Oestoarthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, De Quervain’s, Tenosynovitis, Raynaud’s disease, tennis elbow, Parkinson’s, Clateral epicondylitis, Buegers disease, Ganglion cysts, Repetitive strain injury.
We love it and we can see why petrol stations
across the Uk are stocking this www.pumppal.co.uk

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