Driving in the Dark: Tips for Enhancing Nighttime Visibility

Driving a car at night can be quite challenging for some people. In order to stay safe, the person behind the wheel must be able to clearly see through the darkness. Here are five ways to enhance visibility when driving after nightfall.

Dim the dash lights
Some drivers have a tendency to turn their dash lights up to the highest setting. However, the increased brightness of the dash lights can cause a glare to form on the windshield. To prevent this potential hazard, it is a good idea to dim the dash lights as much as possible.

Aim the headlights
Over time, vibrations from the road can gradually knock the headlights out of alignment. Luckily, the headlights on most vehicles can be easily readjusted without any tools. After popping the hood, the car owner can simply use the adjustment knobs to fine-tune the headlights. Automotive experts recommend checking the aim of the headlights at least once a year.

Better light bulbs
In an effort to reduce manufacturing costs, the majority of vehicles come equipped with halogen light bulbs. While halogen bulbs are fairly cheap to replace, they do not illuminate the road as well as modern LED bulbs. Advanced bulbs such as the 1157 LED bulb shine much brighter than standard halogen bulbs. The increased light output will certainly come in handy when traveling in bad weather.

Turn on the fog lights
Many people believe that their vehicle’s fog lights should only be used during misty weather. However, fog lights are actually useful for a wide variety of different driving situations. Fog lights are designed to shine directly on the road, which helps the driver to see objects that may lie in the path of the vehicle.

Never stare into the headlights of an oncoming vehicle
Looking directly into an intense beam of light can cause temporary blindness. When approaching oncoming traffic at night, motorists should develop a habit of focusing on the white lines that have been painted along the edge of the road.

Although driving a night can be a chore, motorists can enhance their safety by implementing these five tips.

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