You Need A Reliable Motorcycle Battery—Make Sure You Know What You’re Looking For

You probably didn’t buy a bike because you were keen on battery operations—you bought a bike to actually ride it, to get out on the road and explore. But whether you drive a Harley, a Hyundai, a Suzuki or a Stinger, every motorcycle is only as good as its battery! Now, it can be tedious work comparing prices, shopping around, keeping up proper maintenance, and ensuring that your motorcycle is outfitted with the highest quality battery, but it’s well worth your time and energy. Never get stranded or stuck by keeping your bike’s battery in tip-top shape.

Motorcyclist Hitting the Open Road

So what do you need to keep in mind whenchoosing your motorcycle battery? You want to consider lasting power, affordability, available warranties, and environmental accountability when making this very important purchase. Your make, year, and model will of course determine which battery you need, and what voltage you should be looking for, so be sure to know your bike inside and out! Look for a Canadian company with ideal warranty options—these companies should be able to quickly diagnose the causes of any malfunctioning battery. If there’s a problem with the battery itself, they should offer a full refund or replacement, but if you need help cleaning, testing, charging, or generally caring for your battery, they should also give you some pointers (without the condescension often found in some shops).

With a new or freshly charged battery, you should get a reading of 12.6 volts. If you read only 12-volts (or 12.01, 12.1, and so forth), your battery is depleted. Always avoid over-charging your battery—any bulging, dry cells, melted labels, or muddy-looking electrolyte reading indicates that it’s been over-charged, which often means you won’t get your warranty back. Furthermore, keep your battery stored in a location that’s always above 0 degrees Celsius (or 32 degrees Fahrenheit) to avoid cracking and freezing. All of the top battery-sellers in Canada can give you a more comprehensive review of how to keep your battery in top operating condition, but for now, remember to always read your manuals, take time and care when charging, always wear appropriate safety gogglesand gloves, and never, ever smoke or have open sparks or flames around your battery.

Any good company that manufactures batteries will manufacture chargers, accessories and battery testers are well (no need to shop for all necessary items at a multitude of locations). The best Canadian companies will also all be committed to environmental sustainability; if you visit Canadian Energy online today, you’ll see howthey are dedicated to exploring and promoting renewable energy sources and to properly recycling your used or obsolete batteries. Make sure that your next motorcycle battery is composed of recycled materials and that all submitted goods have been disposed of properly. Don’t settle for less! It’s part of your responsibility as an ethical consumer.

The less time you spend thinking about batteries, the more time you can spend enjoying the sights and sounds of the road. So don’t leave battery life to chance, and choose a superior Canadian company to make sure you stay running, longer!

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