What Do You Need To Know Before Confirming A Food Truck Floor Plan? Concession trailer floor plans

Concession trailer floor plans or normally know as food trucks blueprints, these are a basic drawing of the layout and placement of all the things inside. A proper floor plan is obviously very important because a food cart isn’t as simple as it sounds. It is packed with features galore and all of these features are quintessential for the cook and his assistants.


What is the main need in a truck like this? A burner and providing propane gas tank that literally adds fuel to the fire, on wheels is dangerous. The tanks are highly flammable and may cause huge explosions and loss of life. The floor plans help decide a safe and logical position to place it in.

The blueprint plays an important role in the placement of other machines as well:

  • Fridge
  • Frying Pit
  • Counter
  • Doors

A food truck is loaded with different kinds of appliances, think of all the appliances you have at home and put them on wheels. This will make you think twice and you may say it’s impossible.

Great Concession Trailer Floor Plans Go A Long Way

Think of how important blueprints are to homes and offices. Similarly these floor plans need to be made with care and experience. The designer sits down with the future owner of the trailer and asks what the cook needs. The placement of the machines and storage places need to be perfect like in an assembly line due to the lack of space.

For instance a hot dog and burger vending truck has all its things in order. The first in line is the refrigerator for the ingredients. Obviously the next is the grill and then comes the fryer. Then come to the dressing counter and finally, the plates as well as the spoons storage space. All this is lined up in a manner which will make it easier for the maker of the burger.

A food truck cook needs to be fast so everything must be within his reach at all times and concession trailer floor plans are based on that vital feature. A 12 foot trailer rarely has any space left after all the installations have been made. Normally there are 2-3 people who work inside the trailer, so you can imagine how perfectly thought out the blueprints need to be. Chimneys are also a necessity to avoid stuffy situations. So make sure your floor plan is panned out perfectly.

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