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In the world of off-road motorcycle, AGV helmet stands out with a recognizable, the AX-8. worn by Gautier Paulin gold Travis Pastrana, this helmet cross / enduro HAS recently undergone an update. Tested this atypical We AX-8 Evo just for you … and for us, as this full AGV Does not Lack quality.

The AGV AX-8 Evo is Not Necessarily The most common helmet in regional parks pilots – albeit increasingly popular – but one thing is sure: when one crosses it, we IMMEDIATELY recognize. The Evo is like the name suggests year evolution of the AX- 8 Understand That Road by this helmet AGV HAS receive updates upscale “internal” goal aussi icts Retains aesthetic so unusual. Remains to motocross and enduro Ourselves organizes trips FEW to learn more about this cover … TT bike station section editor!

How not IMMEDIATELY evoke the look of AGV AX – 8 Evo 2013? Some like it, others less, aim this is probably the first highlight of the helmet, not to be confused with another? If the shape of the shell is Rather simple, it’s that the chin stands out here: it imposed a maximum, giving the driver a clear look warrior … A little big from the outside of course, but not annoying IN ANY track checkbox.

Finishes nothing wrong at this AX-8 Evo Factory exudes serious, both, inside and outside. The attention to detail in AGV are aluminum washers of the visor, machined and drilled. A test of the balance bike station this time, the share of AGV is the lightweight category. 1,050 grams delight all icts Practitioners TT, crossman as enduro.

Although in his head …
The featherweight headset is on track Quickly Confirms the AGV AX-8 Evo is very comfortable to wear, thanks to the inner foam quality. Its weight, combined with a very friendly ergonomics allow him to score some very good points, aim it’s not all as the AX-8 Evo HAS other arguments for comfort. It is at the breakdown as it happens, and there is Rather successful. Air flows into the cap, and does not rise too much when temperature is very hot. aussi The chin a good job, you can feel the air circulate and refresh the face. Yes, but when it’s cold?

Well in closing the two winds in the visor and chin guard with removable cover in place of the wind, the problem is solved simply.

XXL chin, but not too
This is probably the MOST drivers itches that issue, what about that massive chin when riding? Well, against all odds, it is forgotten! It does not block the field of vision as it goes down more than it actually … So que le headset accepts larger masks. Protection against splash Level, there is no doubt, this is terrible. Beware, However: the chin is close enough to the face, nose longest are Not Necessarily comfortable in the helmet …

Design practice
Practical side, there is very good with the AX-8 Evo. On the face opening of the helmet, there is no tissue contour, a party is MOST helmets is not easy to clean. Here, the outline is plastic, and much less messy quickly cleaned with a sponge (the picture is probably more explicit). There the least well equipped with cheek pads with pressure a little difficulty to engage.

Conclusion: A very good surprise
Here is definitely a full cross / enduro satisfaction we offer Many points: top ergonomics and weight, neat and effective ventilation original look. A look That Perhaps more than one repellent, as this big chin “scares” a priori.

However, appearances are deceptive, since we first were surprised in a good way by the new AGV AX-8 Evo. And in the end, only a small gap at the attachment of the cheek pads tarnishes the table. Sold for € 299 a model Kingdom (€ 339 for our test model classic), AGV AX-8 accepts the Evo in various colors, some quite original or unexpected, Such as Replica Valentino Rossi for example.

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