BMW System 6 helmet modular Evo + Bluetooth BMW Motorrad: First Contact in the wind tunnel


Description :

Faced with criticism, BMW Developed icts modular high-end System 6, which became in 2013 Evo System 6. Modified ventilation system, visor optimized to take stock of exchange thesis, BMW Invited us to a wind tunnel test of the originals.

Helmets ranks BMW HAS long-awaited exchange this year que le modular high-end BMW System 6 System 6 2013 Became Evo. Through the Moto-Station Maxitest helmets, Many of you Have Pointed the qualities of comfort and soundproofing modular BMW, Especially against the stars of this market, and Schubert C3 Shoei Multitec / Neotec in mind. However, Many Forms Criticized the BMW System 6 some defects on ventilation and has direct consequence of winter to demist the visor issue, even equipped with Pinlock visor or double.

Some Encountered problems aussi with the integrated sun shield, apparently of poor quality. Never mind! Division of BMW Munich drawn equipment brand icts revised copy and the proposed development of system 6, optimized in several ways.

More functional realignment
To optimize the ventilation system, the BMW System 6 Evo HAS rearrangement of the air intake located on the chin. The combination of ventilation and front spoiler stale air extractors Incorporating the were revisited.

Ventilation the front slider is now equipped with a new rubber seal.

HAS aussi BMW Worked on the tightness of the visor. Regarding exchange to the visor, they start at the operating mechanism modified to Enhance icts stability. HAS aussi BMW changed the material of this accessory now focusing polycarbonate PETG against before.

To test the aerodynamics of the BMW System 6 Evo, goal aussi icts winds and new communication system Bluetooth BMW Motorrad is blowing in the manufacturer invited us for a first contact, before a full test on the road course. Ambient temperature with an average of 20 ° in the wind tunnel, impossible for us to tell you more about the improvements Announced at the internal circulation of the air flow.

However, We Were ble to measure the aerodynamic characteristics of BMW System 6 Evo and the quality of the Bluetooth connection, even beyond the legal limits.


Progress Validated wind … but on the road?
The insertion of the new BMW System 6 Evo is easy. Once in place, you have a lot of comfort thanks to icts internal form wrap-breathable materials and quality. The communication system is active now, so we can install Either it was BMW R1200R, or S 1000 RR HP4, both, Firmly anchored in the center of the wind tunnel of Saint-Ouen-l’Aumone.

Amateur sports, even engine off (sniff!) Is Obviously riding the HP4 for your settled for the original test.

The turbines are activated. Increases the air velocity gradually. icts thanks to light weight for this kind of helmet (1570 g in size M), the neck is quite preserved. A speed of 130 km / h, no turbulence or unusual movement of the helmet is to be deplored. Turning the head then the helmet Repositions in line, it goes back to face the road with ease. Seems to us Its design quite well Studied, aim it will still validate it falling on a test in real conditions. His sound alike, at least in thesis special conditions!

Okay, now we will be ble to focus on the phone call we receive. Grip of the control pad installed on the side of the helmet is instinctive aim to meet not need to pick, this is done Automatically after 3 rings. 130 km / h, the breath of the air is quite big and settle some interference, goal communication with our host located in the control room is good.

Below this speed, comfort is listening to 90 km Royal / h. Beyond legal speeds, the noise is more pronounced, but still … Heard Correctly Until the speed of 160 km / h. In the end, this first contact with the new BMW System 6 Evo Seems satisfactory. Goal definitely recommend, we will use in real conditions, and compare your feelings through Maxitest that fail to complete.

BMW System 6 helmet modular Evo Technical

  • Shell and fiberglass composite materials with Reinforcing inserts
  • Two shell sizes
  • Inner shell in polystyrene multi-density (EPS)
  • Mechanism chin oven attached
  • Double visor: anti-fog glass inner + outer glass with anti-scratch coating on both sides
  • Leatherette Interior velvety DuPont Coolmax breathable, removable and washable
  • Opening of the chin by key central
  • Chin Spoiler with ratchet closure, neck bands for Maintaining
  • Complies with ECE 22-05
  • Also approved system with integrated internal communication
  • Colours: Uni (bright white, fluorescent yellow), matt (Jet Black matte), metallic color (White Silver Metallic, Black Sapphire Metallic, Titanium Silver Metallic) and decoration (Spirit or Dynamic)
  • Available in size 48/49 to size 64/65 (two shells)
  • Price: 499 € for the bright white, 549 € for plain colors and matte, 599 € for decoration
  • Price of wireless communication system: 379 € (no duo pack)

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