Scott Distinct 2 GT test: the feeling and finesse for the winter

Scott Distinct 2 GT test the feeling and finesse for the winter

With a range road reworked in depth last year, it was not until this year that Scott draws gloves able to compete with the competition. We did the trial of one of them, Distinct 2 GT. Here are our conclusions.

Touring in the soul the new 2013 is entitled to all the manufacturer’s attention with names like Gore-Tex or Thinsulate, just to know where you walk (hands). Typed winter 2GT surprise by their volume and mastered their particular finesse in the palm favoring the feel and handling of orders.


We can not say that this is particularly impressive Distinct 2GT. Rather discreet appearance glove shows no apparent debauchery technology.

Protective foam minimalist, not raclette finger cuff not particularly rising … the bare minimum amount for a winter equipment.

Look touring the Scott has no claim but rather a vocation sport touring wise.

A little too much for some, like me, who would have liked a little more pep and even rock’n’roll attitude.

But what do you want the manufacturer has played the security card and mat to suit the tastes of many. Regardless, the build quality of the completed finish everyone will agree.


We are far from the image we have of a glove winter. Here no large volume or excessive padding but the technology to keep your internal thinking mimine warm during your winter rollings … even if nothing will prevent the numbness except sleeves or stroll by car …

Scott Distinct 2 GT test the feeling and finesse for the winter

From threading will be surprised by the tight fit to the hand and the small thickness of the inner lining.

Tightening left to scratch a double take its role seriously damage the cuff is not longer and flared, it would become more efficient as well as daily practice.

No hard shell, so no hard point will be identified. Comfort is there and there with a fleece inner fabric mega soft and comfortable, complemented by a lack of sewing at your fingertips. Clearly seen, as well as the mix of goat leather (8 mm thick) and polyamide (10% of the total area) still flexible and easy to handle. This is really nice.


As always Gore does not disappoint us with its membrane which is able to offer breath ability and internal sealing even when waterlogged leather. While the glove is not afraid of rain, but it could have been even better if printing silicone index was larger then extended to the major. Certainly it is a detail, but worth its weight taken on peanut brake reflexes!

Side thermal protection offered by the result Thinsulate is more appreciable with a good defense against the biting cold. Thus equipped you can roll easily over almost an hour in a thermometer near 0 ° C without being handicapped by too overweight. Scott arrives therefore do as well as others without giving the impression roll with boxing gloves …


Extremely comfortable, the new 2013 seduced by a softness and flexibility foolproof.

Able to withstand the cold as well as the best in the category, Distinct 2GT has not the volume so unpleasant daily. End, well cut and feate as it should be, it can also provide waterproofing and breathability flawless.

Then blame him? Not much money. Also look too wise and too basic for my taste, we note against him a cuff too short and certainly not enough to cover flared by any suitable vest or jacket winter …

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