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At the Intermot 2012, the Retro GS Wunderlich was first shown to the general public. The Sinziger presented a conversion kit combines the modern technology of the R 1200 GS with the appearance of the legendary G / S from the eighties. The chosen name is just for this connection: R 120 G / S. We had the opportunity to drive the G / S in Andalusia.

It’s is a matter with the R1200GS from BMW. Their qualities are undisputed, also its popularity. Only one thing they can offer is difficult: individuality. Since the GS riders can still give so much trouble and parts swap – it remains a GS as it is on first glance at each corner. Who that was not enough, had to spend a great deal either coal or buy another moped. With the conversion kit R 120 G / S Wunderlich has a solution.

Conversion kit Wunderlich R 120 G / S
The idea behind the kit is very simple. As the basis are all the R1200GS construction 2004 to 2012. The technique remains untouched, there are “only” exchanged attachments. It has, however, in itself, the list of parts is long tank cover, seat, side covers, rear, front fenders, side cover, handlebar riser, headlight with frame, tank mount, engine guards, oil cooler bracket, oil cooler with hoses and rear rack.

The complete kit costs 3920 Euro. If you want to embellish the front with a light cover, must have to choose one of the 3 available options. The simple variant Hubert is 135 euros, and Gaston Fenouil at 240 or 255 euros.

According to Wunderlich, the conversion is done with minimal technical skills in 4 hours and anytime renaturalisation. Those who like to tinker and has a lot of time, so it can switches from GS to G / S and back. Who wants to save money squandered, just the original parts and thus has equal brought back some of the investment items. A positive side effect of the conversion: by replacing the parts, the R 120 G / S, a weight saving of 6.4 kg compared to the original.

Driveability R 120 G / S
Large and bulky, the G / S is on the wheels. Our test vehicle is equipped with the lamp mask Fenouil. In addition to the G / S kit also the electronically adjustable suspension of Öhnlins is fitted, the suspension travel is increased by 25 mm. This is the Wunderlich engine look even bigger. Accordingly respectfully is the first contact.

The orange bench is already a bit higher than the original one, 25 mm extra travel not make the climb easier. The amount still has a very positive effect. The knee angle is very relaxed, you do not know so from the Boxers. Together with the increased link results in a comfortable seating position. Otherwise, a familiar image, operating results and instruments have not changed.

The bench a bench seat is slightly narrower than the original driver’s seat. On our day trip, we found no significant difference in terms of comfort. The original bank may offer a little more comfort, the narrower variation for more freedom of movement and a firm base of is also necessary. Whether the amount it takes some getting used to find the necessary stability. But we want to go but are not anyway. And here is the R 120 G / S is in her element. The super-easy handling of the GS is the G / S from something.

Responsible should be the higher center of gravity due to the suspension lift kit. This, however, make it less weight and especially the formidable Ohlinsfahrwerk more than compensates. Extremely sensitive and the chassis responds sensitively to bumps in any way.

The steering precision is impressive. Cutting edge follows the R 120 G / S, the line taken and provides a significantly better response than the standard ESA chassis. It can be so fiercely whet around the bend.

The conversion kit from Wunderlich for R 120 G / S makes the device mass R1200GS an eye-catcher. Given the scope of delivery the price is right, who wants to save money through the sale of BMW replacement parts. The balance between modern technology and classic design can be described as absolutely succeeded. The driving skills (even without Ohlins ESA) are retained, the optical gain off every mainstream.

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