Practical test Dane-textile combination Lynsted / Nyborg

Practical test Dane-textile combination Lynsted Nyborg

Description :

A first in terms of safety in motorcycle clothing: with incorporated LEDs is the Gore-Tex jacket Lynsted Dane of a new standard in terms of passive safety. Only gimmick or a viable option against the overlooking Will?

Short flashback – it’s the year 1979: Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, a liter of gas costs just under a D-mark and the most powerful production bike on the market is Honda CBX (105 hp). At the cinema of the Oscar-nominated movie “The Electric Horseman”. The film tells of a retired rodeo star (Robert Redford), who with his horse at a Las Vegas show occurs KUSC. Fits to the glitzy world of the players paradise Redford’s cowboy costume is embroidered with hundreds of small bulbs that can flash on request even.

At that time, the mobile full illumination was a revolutionary eye-catcher. Some thirty years later, and in an era when every ’50s scooter driver who thinks highly of itself, goes with LED underbody lights for cruising, but the idea mutated from show act for tangible security feature.

Enough preface: after the introduction of functional materials – such as climate membranes – in the coming years more and more garments with built technology will come to market. Latest fashion-conscious nerds wearing jackets or backpacks already with integrated solar cells.

Because of the technology conscious motorcyclist obviously can not queue up behind, and let’s face it: What could be better than the currently rampant inflationary use ugly yellow-Flatterwestchen oppose a well-made product? So if against an increase in security has no objection, but not look like a member of the local group of ver.di disposal skilled workers on the way to May 1 demonstration, should the LED jacket by Dane wants times a closer look.

Let there be light: LED lighting
The high-light of Lynsted Jacket is literally the option, the four white (front) and five red LEDs on the back turn as additional lighting if desired. Here, the light-biker has the choice whether he losse sailing with full navigation lights, or have only the respective front, the rear light chains.

In any case, the entire load – despite the comparatively low light output of the LEDs – much more visible as we could find in the test with a mitfahrenen car. And not just at night, but especially at dusk and especially in autumn and hazy visual conditions. The bottom line is: mission accomplished, the LEDs are not a bit disturbing in terms of comfort and then just bring a plus in “being seen to be” when it’s needed most. (Not to be fooled by some of the images, to the eye, the LEDs usually seem much stronger than for Digi cameras!)

A word about the technique: The LEDs are incorporated properly into the outer cloth and are controlled by a separate switch and battery module in the left upper outer pocket. About the smart mounted main switch (and the marking on the outer fabric of the jacket – see pictures) this is a little practice and easily from the “outside” or while driving.

The module can also be easily removed and charged on a separate charger to any standard USB port again. The maximum operating time by the manufacturer for 15 hours are given in the test battery, it even managed to almost 1.5 hours longer for an extensive daily stage with maximum visibility, light and attention factor so it should easily reach. And when the battery is all times, take large “Scotchlite” reflective strips the security part. Certainly not as eye-catching as the LEDs but due to the large area certainly better than most other jackets.

Everything in its place: equipment, workmanship and comfort
First, a word in terms of everyday practicality: During our extensive testing with the Dane-textile combination that has convinced at all times with very great fit, and practice-section. Best wind and water tightness can be a Gore-Tex clothing a brand manufacturer yes rightly expect. But we were the criteria (350 km riding in the rain) to thoroughly test it, so we paint with joy to the Danish tradition manufacturer for this criterion, an asterisk in the class register.

Gives kudos it also for tradition consciousness: Glad Dane in Lynsted not the unspeakable and happy again “self-opening” Gore “lock-out” lock installed, but at the front on a combination of two classic zippers with an approximately 5 – 10 cm wide labyrinth overlap zone sets. This is proven, reliable, and wind-and waterproof, so it should be. Otherwise has the Dane combined in terms of equipment – except LEDs – although no surprises, but nevertheless is nothing missing.

The storage space of the jacket is divided into two large inside pockets and four also generously sized outer pockets, the bottom of these are also combined with two separate lockable front pockets for your hands. On the sleeves there is also a rubber band-final – great, because drafts has no chance here. Even the collar is close in terms of “sealing machine” here does not return. Its size can also be customized with a separate Justierband with velcro.

The pants “Nyborg” has two zippered pockets on the front.

Behind the pleasantly high-cut trousers and treat yourself to an adjustable via Velcro collar and long zippers at the leg end combined with an additional base-width adjustment via velcro. For best entry and good fit for all kinds of boots against annoying Herumgerutsche on the bench to help “Suregrip patches” on the backside. Of course, the two parts are equipped with Dane thermal chucks.

This test also showed up to the single-digit temperatures any insulation weaknesses. In general, there is really very little to find fault, all seams and generally the entire process is very high quality and practical, in addition to the fit convinces the “cuddle factor” of the lining fabric down the line.

A very customer friendly detail and unfortunately not obvious: When Dane combo are the respective counterparts of the connection zippers (for election each short and long fitted zipper!) In jacket and pants with it. That is, if you buy only one of the two parts can be retrofitted existing “old” clothes easily with the included zippers and then match it to the Dane’s part anzippen. Here someone has thought really!

The only drawbacks that we noticed during the 1,500 km of testing:

a) safety-conscious contemporaries should still stoking the protector equipment, as standard equipment on the one hand, the pockets for the hip still a virgin, that is: empty, and the other is the – commendable large cut – back protector just a normal foam part and not a “CE” – certified protection as it – especially at this price level – should be. Charge for the full equipment in terms of safety: a total of around 35 euros.

b) Both jacket and pants have no additional vents / zippers on the front. Certainly an asset in terms of the best waterproof, but on hot summer days can a few extra “air-hatches” already provide a true luxury features.

The “Electric Horseman” of the modern era bears LED. Especially at dusk and at night, of course, offers the additional lighting of the new Dane-jacket a real plus in safety. Since the jacket Lynsted – and likewise the trousers mitgetestete Nyborg – incidentally also completely well-made, practical parts, the score also with excellent workmanship and good detailed solutions, we can both recommend it.

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