Modular Helmet Nolan N44

Modular Helmet Nolan N44

At the Intermot the N44 was seen for the first time. At first glance, futuristic design but without the pilot’s helmet-head Proll deluxe appeal. The highlight of the helmet system: it is basically the Swiss Army Knife in the Nolan program. An integral-over-jet up to the off-road helmet is the N44 insertion or convertible. We had the opportunity to drive it-the qualities of multi-tools in Almeria.

Facilities Nolan N44
The features list is long – not surprising in a modular helmet. It starts with the removable chin guard. Transforms the N44 in an instant by a integral in an open face helmet. Or simply relieved only on and taking off the helmet.

The chin is kept quite petite, resulting in a huge field of view. This is made possible by the installation of ventilation on chin in the visor. Air booster Nolan calls this technique. The air intakes and their operation are part of the huge visor. The same can be Nolan usually very easy to assemble and disassemble. Additional feature: the internal sun visor.

The sun protection is via a slider on the left edge of the helmet into position and released by pressing a button on the slide again. The sun visor is then pulled by spring out of sight and warps in the depths of the helmet shell. Also included is a sun shield is included. Visor down, sun sign up: you’ve got an offroad helmet. Or without chin one jet helmet with sun shield.

The N44 is produced in 2 shell sizes, the outer shell is made of Lexan EXL. As closure comes a ratchet used. The Nolan is prepared for the in-house communications system n-com. The installation is thanks to the preparation in a matter of minutes. The N44 is available in sizes XXS to XXL, prices range from 289.95 to 319.95 euros.

Driving impressions N44
The operation is simple and intuitive. The ratchet is also straightforward and foolproof to use. The slide of the sun visor will initially be felt, after a short familiarization, one has the also stored in their own motor skills. We drove the N44 exclusively as full-face helmet. First noticed the huge field of view of the helmet.

What the prospect relates to a real jet helmet with chin high safety reserves thanks. The visor covers almost the entire helmet. To open it you have to dig deep accordingly. Another advantage of the great sight: in a small opening created by the low-lying edge visor no train on the eyes. The ventilation works well. Air booster allows to vary the opening, at cool temperatures, the maximum position makes almost too much for fresh air.

In terms of aerodynamics, the Nolan has shown two faces. It started on a R1200R, without disguise. The aerodynamics has left a very good impression. Even at speeds of 170 km / h the helmet is stable in the wind and can not get to move the head from the rest. Reductions are needed from 120 km / h in terms of volume, then the wind roars but clearly audible to the helmet.

Further tests were carried out on an R 1200 GS Adventure with a large windshield. This left the N44 a slightly weaker impression. With paneling it was only $ 100 km / h is noisier. In addition, the Nolan developed at speeds above 120 km / h on a life of its own and was not noticeable as stable as with driving without cover. But these are very personal perceptions as heavily dependent on rider size and setting of the windshield on the motorcycle.

The N44 has a lot helmet for reasonable money. The biggest advantages are the huge field of view, the well-functioning air booster ventilation and the possible variations of Integral, Jet and off-road helmet. A true multi-tool when it comes to motorcycle helmet flat.

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