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To date, the ER-6f had no chance against her naked sister. While the sister n her charms openly flaunts, covered the disguised variant that apparently. In direct comparison, they seemed a bit stuffy and well-behaved, was against the cheeky look, the little sister to oppose.

This has now changed completely. The dress she has now just borrowed from big sister Z1000SX. And is far from Biederlack. Will that be enough to compete against the 6-naked? We try it out.

Main difference between the ER-6f is the twin sister of course the panel. Nevertheless, both based on the same package. Chassis, engine and brakes are the same. The same is true for the operation and instruments, which are integrated into the cover in the f, rather confers on the handlebar as in n. The cladding of the ER-6f then also a significantly longer nose. Not short and stocky like the nude, but stretched the small and crouched Kawa standing on its wheels.

The optical bonds Z1000SX the f do very well. Not stuffy as its predecessor, but it looks sporty, bold headlamps. Of course you would see even better if both were on continuously.

So she has the same look as the Silver SX, since with low beam only one of two lamps burning. Otherwise, there is substantial equality among twins. This is true for the space. The Erna is rather for small and medium sized riders. With tall twinges then ever in the knee or the arm comes close to the driver. A case for 2 ER nurses were never eh, what has not changed even today. By covering the ER-6f weighs 211kg and therefore those 5 more than the sister. Priced costs of each of these kilos just 100 euros. With the Euro 7495 f exactly 500 euros more expensive than the n.

Drive Kawasaki ER-6f
A good old friend. Kawasaki has optimized the twin potent over the years always. It was not the peak power in the foreground, but the Movable and practicality. The Sun 2-cylinders were weaned initially hefty vibrations and the departure at low speeds of improved version to version. Currently it takes the number two to 649 cubic which are good for 72 hp and 64 Nm. For the peak power needs of 8,500 rpm motor, the torque just 7,000. This allows the ER-6f move amazingly gearshift.

From idling the engine depends on good gas and sets the rotation to the right without turning and always energetic. A fireworks ignited the ER then from 5,000 rpm. Then it depends on gas and snappy moves forward as if there were no tomorrow. Technically, the vibration Twin keeps comfortably in the background, this is mostly for the sound.

Although the ER-6f babbles quite deep-frequent in the low-lying muffler, goosebumps mood is not so, however.

ER-6f on the road
The n is considered to be lively, but not necessarily as a mile-eater. Quite the fun device for fast lap on the home stretch. It also dominates the f inside out. The route can not be crooked enough, playful, the ER-6f hook all kinds of quasi-sight around the next bend suggests that kava can even fall in lean. In handling so we can assign a score to confidently mountain.

Here, bought the ER the good grades with no nervousness. Very quickly driven, long corners she copes brilliantly. On straight, there are up to high speed ranges to complain about. Although it is 211 kg with no flyweight, the double disc front have the moped but always under control. ABS is standard anyway. Only when hard braking, the fork has limitations and shakes up the chassis. This is in comparison to previous models tuned lot firmer. Enabling even sportier stance and the final 6 for Big Bike makes fright.

But a stroke motorcycles from CBF600 or Bandit 650 pull your socks up. Come true one size therefore, must also stretch mightily to keep up with the potent twin. In terms of torque and acceleration from low engine speeds can be no chance of them anyway.

The hour of the panel suggests (in the positive sense) for longer distances. The windshield has, depending on body size upper body free from wind pressure. Depending on the position of the disc gets the helmet off more or less wind. On the web can be as easily withstand higher speeds.

Whether naked or dressed ER-6 is ultimately a matter of taste. Also, the ER-6f is in terms of cornering a fun device and rarely raises the need for more capacity or performance. The panel raised the everyday and long-distance comfort, the tariff is true. From 1,80 m it. Closely on the ER-6, a case for 2, it is only partially.

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