Project moped: The Kreidler MF2 is the dream of two generations

The Kreidler MF2 is the dream of two generations

Description :

Are not only physical traits inherited, but possibly unfulfilled desires? Clear answer: yes. At least in this case.

A 14-year-old boy leafing through a brochure Kreidler and raves from a Kreidler moped called MF2. Lime green with chrome tank, exactly it should be. Unfortunately, it is not the front and back for the 1110 Mark original price – and so should never fulfill this dream. Used moped and later numerous motorcycles came and went, but never owned MF2 leaving an ugly hole in the two-wheel Vita.

36 years later: A 14-year-old boy flips through a book from the motorcycle Kreidler archive of the Father. “Dad, I want to go with 15 moped. But no Flory, but preferably as an old Kreidler MF2 and eager to green and with Chrome. “A magical moment. And this time not only the son is clear: This request must necessarily be met.

Compared to the numerous Kreidler Flory Hand Controls the supply of MF2 with two-speed automatic on the internet is rather thin.

Therefore, prices for properly well-preserved specimens are quite high – less than 500 euros is hardly anything. And since joint screws in the garage with an adolescent strengthens the father-son relationship, after weeks of looking two extragrottige mopeds come into the house, one with a very getting used needy paintbrush special paint in black, red, present papers at only 7000 kilometers the speedometer undvergleichsweise preserved rims. The other in the original sky blue, no papers, incredibly run down – but with a chrome tank.

Profit after numerous weekends and happy hours Schrauberei common in the garage: a son who understands now something of Zweiradtechnik and even temporarily forgot his Xbox. A father who has learned the lacing.

And a lime green Kreidler MF2, built in 1978, with chrome parts, in pretty reasonable condition. And should pay soon the desire for a Kreidler moped: There needs to fulfill the need to his son absolutely.

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