Driving report Wunderlich S 1000 RR Mad Max

Driving report Wunderlich S 1000 RR Mad Max

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Stop the whining! As of now, there are winter tires for super sport bikes. Motorcycle has tried it. In summer.

If they can not take a few more striking motorcycle? Perhaps one in silver pensioners? With electric motor, without any sound, even Mickerleistung? No, it had to be a 200-horsepower rocket from BMW.

When stripped of the S 1000 RR is rolling MOTORCYCLE transporter, it has the same effect as a magnet, which will be thrown into a pile of iron filings – is Rucki, Zucki surrounded by onlookers. Pressure on the knobs. And the beast roars. Heiser grollig, prollig. The amount injected a step back. Bundled murmur. What in God’s name is that?

It’s simple: a concept bike. Exhibit. Eyecatcher for fairs. Not meant for the outside world to ever be released. Like now? It’s simple: When the company Continental last year for the presentation of their enduro tire TKC widescreen sought a suitable property, BMW outfitter Wunderlich went on board. The result is the BMW S 1000 RR Mad Max A monster. Made radical. Road suitability. Suitable terrain. Possibly.

Even when standing still scary. Evil tongues say that technicians had holed up for weeks with parts, bike and beer behind soundproof walls.

And zweipromillig still tweaking. Anyway … now it is here. Grumbles to himself and slowly hobbles into the garage. To feel such a bike on the rack, it takes men of steel. Undaunted. Brave. Learn. Call at stuntman Jo Bauer: “You, here we have a super sports bike with winter tires and need a hard-nosed pilots’ silence at the end of the line.

“Winter tires? Have you ever looked out? It has 30 degrees in the shade. “Hmm. “Have you ever looked at the calendar? September. Winter is almost at the door. “There are things that you should not delay.

Three hours later, Jo Bauer stands next to the bike. He smiles. It is a mischievous smile. A smile that is even wider when his expert view has grazed the translation of Mad Max. “Translated Less”, Bauer whispers. “That’s the limit. Have you any idea how long the rear tire holds for us now to go out there? “Hmm. “No, we do not have a clue.

But a spare rear tire. “In the back corner of the garage is the thing.

Dimension 180/55 R 17 After smelling fresh rubber. And when one comes closer-look closely, it seems as if he was trembling.

Driving report Wunderlich S 1000 RR Mad Max

The sixth sense? White, a tire, giving him flowers? Hopefully he does not produce sweat. Then no one would do little more grip. Bauer peels into the leather. Elbow protector, back protector, abdominal protector. Well, at least look’s like this. “Let us live, how many miles to the rear tire stops,” says a MOTORCYCLE mechanic. Bauer and growls: “Depends on what I need to do for the photo.” Bauer knows. He is a stuntman, instructor, team manager, race car driver.

“Max 160 km / h “- this luminous red lettering emblazoned on the tachometer. Up to this speed test driver Contis have tried everything.

Obliquely. Quickly. Cross. And classified the skin as safe. For men with thick eggs. And women … well, never mind that you believe the legends that have grown around the Mad Max, with the TKC 80 are even over 200 km / h in it. Even at 240, the rubber blocks were supposedly cling tenaciously to the carcass. At maximum quasi. Because the secondary transmission of mad Max is 46:15. Serial Translation: 44:17. So much for that.

Weave through the traffic light pole. The Superbike handlebar is wider than the original, the upright seating position, tilted slightly forward. Green! Cars go smoothly forward. Bauer stops. It smokes horribly. “Lie down in Race mode a quick start is almost impossible,” he will say later rumschnecken and from this point in the Rain mode.

Here bites the engine is not as brutal, gentle goes to gas, distributed the rubber of the tire restrained. Is that even possible only because the Mad Max on gimmicks such as traction control or ABS eliminated entirely.

You know, for men … But we’ve done that. Motorway. 160 km / h the monster remains topstabil. Departure. Restrained throttle. No drift.

All clear. More than that. Who is not provoked, the tires with heavy throttle or clutch drives into trouble may, with the TKC normally roll around corners. A touring tire designed in order to travel to the farthest corners of the world. Wherever the term asphalt is about as unknown as iPhone. But … wait a minute! There’s actually this angle yet? No matter. Road bends.

Jo Bauer them by surfing the Rain mode and is surprised by the feedback from the TKC 80: “If you are not using the clutch, provoked the thick Stolle behaves very pleasant. Not rub off and is quite stable. Only when the engine is at 8000 rpm bites, the TKC begins wegzuschmieren. A great feeling. “Great feeling?

The tastes are different. Only the front tire him worried. Builders can not build real confidence in the scratch Pelle 120/70er-Dimension: “The extremely tightly tuned Ohlins suspension in connection with the sharp crack brakes – there are the relatively soft rubber blocks problematic for hard braking.

With bikes that might still work, is an elite athlete, however, requires more stability “Something like the ex-Supermoto professional. The Mad Max will not be in the corners down with hanging-off, that is pulled down, but as pressed motocross.

The Photo Showdown is also simultaneously the Exitus for the rear tire. “Can you let the tires spin while driving? Would be nice if it smokes “neat, asks the photographer. Bauer nods, no problem, moves into position and starts the show. Aufheulender four-cylinder, by rotating tires. The monster blows h at 50 km / forward. Bauer slows it forward. After 400 meters, he stops.

Fact one: The tire is almost without profile. Fact two: The asphalt adorns a pitch black thick rubber strips. “That’s neat smokes, I’ve driven in sixth gear,” says Bauer. We expect to shortly. 12,000 revolutions in the Sixth mean a speed of 230 km / h for the rear tire.

H with 50 km / Max is the rolled. Means 180 km / h rear wheel spin.

That’s it for the day.

Two days later: New rear tire, new driver. The author of this story has utmost respect. And thank God terrain experience.

That one needs not really, is already evident in the first meters. Who renounces violence and extreme braking accelerations that can also live well with the TKC 80 on supersport bikes. For the world travel and winter skin behaves never sneaky, but always remains controllable and surprisingly stable. Since the winter can come. Nor should a grumble that there is no tire that.

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