GS Trophy 2012, part 3

GS Trophy

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The third day of the 2012er GS Trophy will go down at least three reasons as a record day in the history of the rally: He offered the longest stage, collapsing participants and the first guide of the German team in the current standings.

Of the total of 450 kilometers of Junin de los Andes to Bariloche in the Argentine province of Rio Negro, led well over half of gravel, through soft sand passages and pulveriesierten volcanic dust: The longest stage of the 2012er rally was – as one of the drivers – a “cursed drudgery”.

Reinforced this impression was widespread through the special stages on the route. In the morning – almost on an empty stomach – the 15 team would push their three motorcycles through a circular route and a river – a practice that was repeated a little later at a different location with plenty of water. Several participants were then on the brink of collapse and had to be nursed back to health by medical team again.

Aiuch the third special demanded the physical abilities of the driver: this time is that the three team cars to be lifted over a tree – which only makes the right impression when you know that the said tribe had a diameter of about one meter. Gequetsche two fingers, a thick blue knee and several mangled and scarred floor plate – an impressive record for a fun afternoon on a friendship tour.

Done well to have the Karoo tires: After a massive run of bad luck on the first day with three ruptured hoses, we are required to report any further incidents since Monday – so the issue seems to be through.

Standings after day of riding on the three rejoice following three teams: Argentina has maintained its third position. France, the new Second, only one space is lost. And the new leader is – herewith a little fanfare! – Team Germany. Way to go, guys!

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