Ducati Diavel Carbon Part 2

Ducati Diavel Carbon

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Greeting to Flensburg
One thing is for our test drives: If you could bikes arrest for aiding and abetting behavior would certainly be no Diavel still at large, tires. Speaking of tires: When specifically hewn for the Diavel rear tires in size 240/45 ZR17 Pirelli has done a great job. With its sport tire contour of the Diablo Rosso II is ranked in terms of grip and handling on the other galaxies cruiser tires in this parallel format.

Of course it shows the Ducati that when turning the lines of the front and rear move apart with increasing tilt. After a short acclimatization and motorcycle fans outside the notch grinder fraction with the “Cruiser”-Duc will mill quickly around the corner, for a fine tuned balance of almost sporty handling and excellent stability of the Diavel creates immediately a maximum of trust with the driver. Those who still friends with the gently yet securely onset traction control is hardly immune to want to explore the narrow bends over again the grip limit in the hindquarters.

The already moderate commands the throttle hand is quite have respectable gas Slides result is an almost pleasure taxable trait of the Diavel, which you said electronic helpers takes the green zone of physics. Unfortunately, there is no control mechanism to stimulate possibly not sufficiently developed self-control of the driver, for there is no other bike, which permanently animated solely by his character to the provided power potential also retrieve.

If you want to let off steam in the electronics segment is also in terms of playfulness at Ducati in good hands, as the Duc also spoils with two display screens: a “classic” drive-cockpit and a color LCD screen on the tank cover. This is reserved for the data collected by zapping menu structures – including the option for personal fine tuning of the three power modes and the fact docked levels of ABS and traction control.

Speaking of modes for all normal driving situations – if that really is at a Diavel – the Touring mode certainly works best. Here, the drive (with the same top performance of 162 hp) shows little smoother to be deprived without the enthusiastic spontaneity.

In case of rain or bad turf also the “Urban” mode is available with max. 100 hp available.

Three little devils for a Hallelujah
For all who believe should now that without a personal devil in the garage can not live adequately in all cases at Duc-dealer or the Web configurator the next challenge awaits: The V2 Popper is available in three basic versions, which also still can be pimped with accessories from an already long list of optional extras BMW-worthy on.

We had the most expensive Diavel Carbo n in the test. This precious piece of the Bolognese Teufelsbrut offers expensive addition to the eponymous collection Carbonteile also particularly delicious looking Marchesini forged alloy wheels with partial milling. All in all, give light weight components, according to plant a weight advantage of 5 kilograms. The required payment for all drain carbon disciples is a whopping 20,390 Euros.

Since all three Diavels are technically identical, in terms of driving fun even with the cheaper versions waivers announced. Nevertheless, should also all those who can make friends with the standard version, equipped with a well-filled bank account – according to this list will be € 18,490 due. The completely fallen into the matt black paint pot “budget” version “Dark” on the other hand can be had for € 16,990.

In any case, a lot of wood. But also gets nowhere else such a successful combination of brute power dragster, sporty driving enjoyment and maximum tourist “Eisdielenfaktor” in terms of attention.

For all film and / or musical fans probably best fits this comparison, a ride with the Diavel is like a rendezvous with Tim Curry aka Frank ‘n’ Furter from “Rocky Horror Picture Show”: suspects Before Date you best, what you get when you learn the hot ride in motion his self Abgunde know (the incredibly fun), and then you ask me if this does not feel like surreal experience but perhaps could be repeatable.

In short, the Diavel is simply great, period. Not every street, not for any tour and certainly not for every driver. But all bikers who want sometimes unfaithful to the dark side in himself, there is certainly no more fitting motorcycle on the planet – a real beast for everybody!

Ducati Diavel Carbon Part 1

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