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There is the life of a motorcycle man the moment he toying with something new factory at least. I am now at that age. I’ve bought a 2012er KTM 690 Duke, and only the right reasons. Actually, I’m lovely type and a classic hand buyer. I want to have a lot of bike for little money, and that includes initial purchase of flat. Last year I even looked good standing there half-heartedly to Hondas.

At the same time I talked to ever again with my old room mate Maik, the machinery was perhaps greater empathy than women and therefore buy again and again would be: “If I imagine, as has one of the colleagues that thing cold in the limiter and ! Then torn to wheelies “And when he had me finally mushy ideologically, it just needed:” What is Buy ‘nu with motorcycle? But have money now.

“This is what I made.
Because I think it’s a question of age. Before, I could not imagine to have a wife or a motorcycle as an integral part of life for almost forever. What if I want something else entirely? Or if I stuff irreparably scraps? Or simply do not want more? Meanwhile, I’m more mature. I have a wife, I want to keep. I want an unspoiled by morons motorcycle. I want to break in themselves (the bike now). Actually I was very sure that I would buy a Triumph Street Triple, because they always had my best bike Evar. But then, KTM has provided jostles. “You have to go part time on the road.

This is so cool, “Again, I let myself be influenced, I manipulatable man, and have not regretted it, because I would have driven the new Duke without the tip ever -. Mourning over the loss of the brilliant old Duke was too deep for that I new this traitor from me would want to drive.

General Relativity
The old Duke was very special – to drive, to look at everything. The new Duke, however, is a normal naked bike in the class of Streety, competing with BMW F 800 R, Suzuki Gaydius, Kawasaki ER-6n – only the Duke much, much easier: 163 kg are refueled nearly 30 kg more than the good triumph, the rest of the field is almost morbidly obese, however.

It is the softest muted KTM that I have ever driven. I would not draufgesetzt blindly believe that KTM sold today such suspensions, when you did previously done nothing more than to fill the damper instead of oil with synthetic resin or equal stones. The Duke has everything hardcore-like left behind, and because of the motorcycle market has done the same, he receives the motorcycle with open arms: the 690 Naked is a great sales success.

KTM 690 Duke

Like any good small Naked in its class, such as the miracle of the new Hinckley Duke makes quickly by the driver easy. KTM’s great strength has always been the ergonomics, they have expanded to a level where I have to equate with the Street Triple at least for me. What better praise than this. KTM also typical: to get the feeling of quality material served by a lover of the same – in the price bracket of the bike all the more impressive.

I was never a big fan of Einzylindern and I will probably never be, but the engine is the reason for the weight of the bikes via tolerable, and manageable amount of weight I am a fan Some also say, I’m a weight-Nazi, which I also can not deny. Easier and simpler in motorcycle is always better.

Anyway, if it now have to be a single cylinder, then here is the still the best, because he has published a useful top speed at least acceptable bandwidth. Because of the low inertia means that Untenrum not the point. Tear at below 3000 r / min, the gas in large gear makes such a loud cracking noise that KTM uninitiated think the bike disintegrated same.

The engine is still the same in his character, which is good. With dual ignition and other detail improvements he is now to be more durable and more economical (which is good). The ride-by-wire system, for example, finally really no more moves that in the previous generation, nor for legacy reasons the throttle resulted in Nehmerbox.

One source of error is less. All right.
The Duke is so inexpensive, adorable made easy mobile and therefore in the real world of the Black Forest quickly. This conclusion could be a test of a borrowed motorcycle also end. But we come to the quirks of owning this part really:

Special Relativity
The greatest danger in the life of a motorcycle is the dealer. My experience with dealers workshops consist almost exclusively of nightmarish horrors that no one believes that she does not experience too, because he looks up. Why was one of the main items on the purchase list, that there is a screwdriver, the (my claims have become lower over the years), the bottom line is more intact than destroys.

Without Jurgen Mayer (MRS Mayer, Kornwestheim) I would not have bought the Duke. Jurgen is human sometimes rustic, technically I was always very happy there, and I go for professional. From the experienced endurance test oranges, I know that KTM have little typical problems, but rather scatter: a switch here, an assembly error there. KTM-typical but are screws and rubber corrosion. I sprayed all my screw-corrosive, the friendly exchanges and also after the guarantee period of this still rapidly rotting things.

KTM says in the brochure that the engine purrs like a quasi multi-cylinder, which just shows that you should not read brochures. It still rattles typical single cylinder. In the loop-shaped vibrating mirrors is therefore not obvious how many vehicles are driving behind one, and buyers should expect a certain burden of additional parts and bolts. Otherwise convinced the engine with a high level of everyday practicality and ride-by-wire prevents people like Maik colleagues turning it cold too high.

I think I was never a suspension too soft, but this is me too soft, because the cylinder in certain speeds the tail to vibrate, which for me is hard to distinguish from a chewing rear indicating such incipient slip. Even the old 690 Enduro was felt harder! In the long term I will probably go there as a step towards the old Duke – mainly because I liked the Duke would sometimes run on a small track, the crazy since I’ve seen do the Jeremy McWilliams.

The best owner experience is a feeling of cheating the entire system.

The Duke is a small speeder bike, but it costs nothing. I pay for 50 kW one outright ridiculous amount of insurance (ask me, I pray for colleagues brokered by HDI Gerling). Inspections are only every 10,000 km. And they really used real measured even less than the old: 3.8 liters per 100 km in the first Rumbummeln retraction, 4.2 at slightly higher Einfahrtempo yesterday in the Black Forest, and 7.3 under Jeremy McWilliams on a lap time in the 600 wept bitterly Supersport rider (1:41,9 in Cartagena) have.

These are the best I know of consumption of an adult bike in the 500 cc. All this gives me a warm, mushy feeling of superiority over any cheating ends, the I pass with the Duke.

In conclusion I can draw only so: Good decision. No more: to buy KTM, was my best decision in all of the 2012th it offers much more than it costs and you can still love them. The motorcycle accompanying documents are presented super-hearted (“Welcome to the family!”), And who denies that these manufacturers for virtually free measure emotional functioning, has not bought a KTM. Who has a usable range of dealer should definitely test drive one. The Buy it must then suggest probably no more.

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