Dorsal test Sokudo Held: small but effective

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Safety feature in itself, the dorsal wants more technique while trying to avoid the appearance armor, unpleasant day. Held understood the concept in 2010 and reveals his Sokudo, Caradisiac Moto makes the test.

Our label: “B” for Back, certified EN 1621-2 (safety cage) Level 2 (less than 18kN force transmitted (Kilo Newton)) and symbol biker … everything is there, is not the Sokudo an ersatz protection but rather a ridge worthy of the name.

PU foam high density, Held is divided into three parts on the length and the width.

In appearance rather articulated vertebral single plate without tails, Held firewall protection, front side of a fabric and hypoallergenic fiber-type aerated Outlast in contact with the back.

Dorsal test

Flexible, it offers mobility to the front and rear but no flexibility is provided for lateral transfers yet very useful speed. To better adapt to the morphology of the pilot, the German manufacturer has 5 sizes ranging from S (52 x 32 cm) 2XL (62 x 37 cm). For my part, size M (57 x 34 cm) equal to my best morphology.

Weighed, measured, dorsal test proves lightweight ranking in the lower standard with 605 grams checked. It is also very compact with a maximum thickness of 3 cm.

Good as its minimalist measurements help threading the rest of your equipment and allow it to be forgotten immediately in a combination or a jacket, even bent.

Fine (as a reminder, the thickness is not synonymous with protection) but still quite opaque, low enough down the back of the spine (cervical tailbone up) even if a dorsal area somewhat larger would have better disseminate wave impact. Once in position, it does not bother any movement of your head helmeted or not you limit your movements providing protection of the shoulder blades more than adequate.

Two adjustable elastic straps enough for the top and scratch off a good length for size are responsible for the proper maintenance of the backbone.

Only clamping the sternum missing for positioning beyond any suspicion.

Easy to adjust the offer Sokudo finish off any claim with extra comfort far appointment even though the manufacturer did not bother to put on his suspenders kneecaps.

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