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The Queen is dead, long live the queen. BMW presented at Intermot, the all new R 1200 GS. Actually no need, for the predecessor was selling like hotcakes. Because of all the competition could even stretch marks so against the GS is no escape. Now she is there, with with new water boxer. And makes the lives of the competitors probably do just as difficult as the Bayern in the Bundesliga.

BMW R 1200 GS

True to the motto which it itches the oak when the boar rubs off, BMW is very confident and with a lot of tom-tom, the new R 1200 GS. Like the VW Golf dominates the golf class, does the GS this in your class, and in fact with the whole market. Similar parallels to Wolfsburg: the new GS is more evolution than revolution. Visibly recognize the R 1200 GS, it does not work at first as the previous look, but still looks much fresher and more modern.

In terms of performance, the Bavarians have quite some things packed on it. 125 hp at 7,750 and 125 Nm at 6,500 rpm are very respectable values. Especially as the GS with 239 kg is not a heavyweight.

Although Ducati Multistrada 1190 and KTM Adventure have more power if that in this segment, and specifically in the case of GS plays the decisive role, may be doubted. Yes has previously worked with less power also. Also increased, the tire sizes, in this case in the width.

Front 120/70 R19 rear and 170/60 R17, need more power just more grip.

So anything better? Probably so. The upcoming tests will tell. The positive virtues could not already been denied even the hardest critic GS. One thing is – in our view – did not succeed: the GS a little drive out the model student, even a shot to bring emotion. On the other hand – why? See registration figures. Such a position, you have to work once and keep.

In this sense: keep up the GS!

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