Horex VR6 Roadster

Horex VR6 Roadster


Slow and Steady – is actually good at last. An eternity has passed since the initial announcement of the new Horex. At that time, BMW actually came before – but their six-pack is already more than a year on the market. No matter – the first copies of the VR6 Roadster are done and the press was allowed to go on these winding roads in the Danube valley. Even though it took a long time – you’ll be fine.

The Horex VR6 Roadster comes as a classic naked bike. It makes the VR6 not on retro bike, but cleverly combines classic and modern elements.

For the Classic are the large round headlights and the soothing analog instruments. Only a small display provides additional information such as trip counter and gear indicator. Swingarm stand for modernity, upside-down forks, ABS, graphite solid lubricating the chain and so on. We have really enjoyed along with the instruments of the closely to the motorcycle.

Fitting exhaust and the transition from frame to tank the Horex emblem is beautifully embedded into the frame and is connected to the upper part of the tank. Someone has demonstrated love for detail. In contrast, the attachment of the fender on the front wheel is somehow provisional and will not quite fit with the rest.

Seen enough, take place only once. The seat height is 820mm with fine.

It was thought to both short-term and long-legged, because the height of the seat is up or down by 20mm each variable. The foot pegs are placed too high, the knee angle is relaxed, comfortable knee grip. The steering is also mounted in a comfortable height, the offset fits, everything is well in hand.

The author would have liked the handlebars like a little wider, but Horex thinks about it anyway different handlebar offer to choose from.

So that the driver is sitting relaxed with upper body bent slightly forward. Fits. Whether this also applies in the long run and for the passenger, must clarify a later detailed test.

Let’s look more closely at the power source. Six cylinders are of course a word in the world of motorcycling. Currently only be found at the tour battleships Goldwing and K 1600th. The design is a VR-held company founder Clemens Neese patent. Basically, it combines the advantages of series and V-engine and despite his 6 cylinder therefore very compact. Just 429mm in height of the engine cylinder heads wide.

No comparison to the extremely wide be built 6-cylinder dinosaurs from the 80s of the stamp or a CBX 1000 Z1300. The key data of the VR6 are promising. The six-pack brings it to a volume of 1,218 cubic. The peak power of 161 hp is achieved at 8800 rpm moderate, the impressive torque of 137 NM already 2,000 rpm earlier. Are just the hot six-sound, however since it idling.

The acoustic behavior is currently indeed unique. Growling and barking hoarsely with a reasonable proportion bass. With every twist of the throttle turns the inclined motorcyclists on the Body have eight. Just wonderful! As might be expected of the 6 has been going well from idle speed to the point.

The sextet is mannerly from low speeds to work. No Geruckel, hacks or similar expressions of discontent. Really brutal thrust from low revs provides the Horex however. She pushes on properly, then sets at 6,000 rpm again after a few shovels coals. Until the final series start Horex promises an even better mapping which the performance at low speeds brings forward.

The push of a K 1600, the VR6 is not, however, reach. But has indeed accounts for one third more capacity than the Horex. To ensure that no wrong impression: the passage is absolutely within the acceptable range, the expectations are probably just put a little too high.

On the road, the Horex then shows what it can do. Specifically, on the road, because there are both two-wheel and driver feels most comfortable. Amazing how simple move a motorcycle with such performance and a weight of at least 249 kg (without fuel) can.

The VR6 is: sit on and enjoy. Instantly find your way on the Horex, ultra stable meets handy. In terms of stability, the VR6 is no nakedness. No wonder, the chassis is supposed to withstand the compressor model with more power again. In collaboration with well-tuned suspension, this results in a surprisingly playful handling. It does not matter if it goes through fast bends and winding curve combinations.

Always the Horex precisely follows the line taken and continues to course corrections without complaining. The WP spring elements take bad routes terror and prove to be a good combination between sport and comfort. Only at very small radii, the Horex deny their weight not quite. Of around-the-corner-balancing can also be no question here.

Jiffy it sweeps across the road, enjoying the sound and grins against the next curve. The oblique way of transportation are footrests and Co. until very late in the way. The consistently positive impression continues even with the brakes. Landstraßenhatz were both on our operating forces as well as delay in the green zone.

Where then are the downsides of VR6Roadster? For most likely the price. Must pay 21,700 euros if one wishes to the Horex call his own.

On the one hand a lot of money for a motorcycle. On the other hand swings in the name Horex already with a good amount of cult and emotion. And such values are difficult to quantify – see Harley.

The Horex VR6 is late – but like. Us very well. Independent appearance, unique engine, impressive technique, great chassis and a one with star for the sound. A real will-have-bike with the stuff for marriage crises. What do we want? VR6 as a permanent tester test fleet!

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