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Real Porn – was the first comment we reaped as the Seventy-Two rolled into our yard. True to some extent. Where the small but real Harley-taker qualities. Even the transfer was a real driving experiences, which was not on the full closure of the A3 still in the necessary fuel stop at only 140 km route. Flashing and sparkling is the Sportster in the sun and a friendly wink to – to the driver on the track then take time to really through the wringer.

A classic chopper, the men from Milwaukee have since put together the wheels respectively. Front turns a spindly 21-inch model, behind a knubbeliger 15er. Above the front wheel is a delicate chrome lamp, it is from the Harley-Davidson dubbed “mini-ape-hanger” handlebars mounted. If this is mini, we want to see the maximum variant times.

The absolute knocker is then responsible for the disco gig finish in Big Red Flake. To speak of a metallic finish, is the understatement of the year. The paint seems to consist entirely of sparkling elements to somewhere between red, black and silver. What is not painted in shiny mica, in chrome. Only the frame, swingarm and oil tank cover themselves in black. WOW – this is not spilled but padded. Real strong showing – real looker. Whether one likes it or not.

But as it is now even at one relationships, after the initial euphoria of the return one day and some sobriety. Looked, improved visibility and a very low and hard padded seat. The feet must be properly stretched forward, his hands go up to the surface. At the first sitting test is not uncomfortable, just cool and casual.

The instrument is mounted on the fork bridge, the ignition switch to the right of the steering head bearing. All Sportster usual. Also applies to the tank contents. The keg is really pretty, but holds just 7.9 liters, in this case rather Literchen. Who now believes to have finally found a delicate time Harley is, unfortunately disappointed.

Although the Seventy-Two is 253 kg with a spring under the Harleys, but just still a serious chunk. And has a price. In the case of Liberace paint 11,095 euros are due, in Unilackierung saves 300 Euros.

Price comparison Need: a Honda VT 1300 CX costs with similar Basic 14,590 pieces of silver …

With a violent impact forces, the electric starter to 1202 cubic large V2 for work. As usual these are violently shakes at idle on the frame, once in motion it is only a little sign. And the ride is Seventy-Two on quite quickly. The very lowest speeds V2 may not be so right, so better unscrew the gear a little further and have thrust and sound.

The perceived speed is then 2000-4500 revolution. Also this Sportster has. Sport with little to nothing to do, on the contrary The classic deceleration sets itself after a few meters. Since at most one intermediate sprint is loaded, one way or another tin felt gebollert away. No longer. Chopper now have time limits. And in the case of the Seventy-Two still a few to come.

Firstly, there is the range. After only 90 km jumps to the reserve light and warns for refueling. The record was speeding driving at 75 km. On the highway a welcome thrill. It extends until the next gas station? Or rather risk nothing and fill up the load with fabulous 4 liters again? On the other hand almost every fuel stop on the highway is very welcome. For almost any other motorcycle is as ill-suited for the highway as the Seventy-Two.

The arms high up, legs wide front and rear baseless on the hard seat, the driver desperately trying to find somewhere to stop the Sportster, which quickly leads to aching body parts. Helped us only one thing: stuffed roll bag and seat belt as a back support on the fenders. Then it is held on the web of one time.

On the highway the comfort goes some sort of order. Although tweaks earlier than on other bikes, but within a tolerable level. After all, can move the Seventy-Two fairly simple. Casual cruising curve is called for, it can even be traveling quite fast. Should feel for the front wheel not expect to comfort either. Bad roads are, so to speak, the natural enemy of the Seventy-Two.

Then bring the short and soft spring elements matched to the chassis and unrest so the bike out of step. Even on slippery turf is the Sportster the jacking the usual boundaries. Very early in the footpegs scrape along the tarmac, turn right shortly afterwards follows the muffler. By then caution, otherwise it levering out the whole load.

Brakes are also available. For any significant delay, it applies to both front and rear to take the defect. When humane movement perfectly adequate, beyond just modest.

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