Crosstourer, Versys 1000 and Tiger Explorer

Crosstourer, Versys 1000 and Tiger Explorer


Monotremes the Jack 2 wheels. This predicate is undoubtedly the genus enduro next. Both are good for the day trip and on the holiday.

Combine comfort with sporty road ambitions. Dominating the genre – like actually the entire market – of the R 1200 GS. And just on the aims test our trio. In the case of Triumph can not be neglected and, in the case of the Japanese with two fundamentally different 4-cylinder designs.

The Crosstourer occurs at the newly refurbished DCT dual-clutch transmission. Visually it looks much slimmer than its predecessor Varadero. But appearances are deceptive. The styling conceals the pounds more than adept. In fact, the Crosstourer brings DCT proud 285 kg on the scale. It is therefore, a full hundred weight above the top of the class GS. But let’s put the weight behind us, most would do a little bio-tuning probably not too bad (the author ahead!).

The rest is Honda’s usual wellness program. Top workmanship, ease of use and high level of comfort characterize Crosstourer. We have really enjoyed pannier and top box, great looks and practical operation. Honda equipped the test machine additionally with removable inner pockets.

Very handy! The bulky suitcases remain on the bicycle and luggage can be moved easily in the shoulder. Also commendable: panniers and topcase are opened with the ignition key. When price information it gave us then but speechless. For panniers and topcase Honda requires a whopping 1,800 euros! Mind you without the pockets. As compared to the price drops for the Crosstourer itself from almost modest. 13,490 euros are for the Honda due DCT costs 1,000 euros extra. Traction control and ABS are standard on board.

Impression Kawasaki Versys 1000
Such prices wrestle the Kawasaki Versys 1000 from a tired smile. It stands for a paltry 11,995 euros in the price list. As a Full Dresser with panniers and topcase it comes to 12,995 euros. Probably also noticed with traction control and ABS as standard. Also in terms of weight suggests that the competition Kawa a bargain. Full tank, it weighs just 239 kg. Compared to the competition, the Versys has also compact.

This is partly because the Versys waives most enduro attributes and sees itself as a fun bike. So ultimately, the longer travel suspension and seating position of an enduro with the tires of a road bike combined. And why not, very few motorcycles of this type accept even a dirt road under the wheels. The Versys like how the Honda with decent processing, but it works as a whole – even in comparison to triumph – in the design and selection of materials easier. The impression continues with the suitcases. A key system is not. The cases have a separate locking system.

Really annoying but that is again the top box has its own key. So you are constantly on the road with a big bunch of keys. When opening a suitcase flipped the lid up abruptly and ripped it the same time the safety strap from the bracket.

Impression Triumph Tiger Explorer
The Tiger Explorer is because of our test trio at martialischsten. The front high as a fortress, many rough edges, slightly rugged look – a powerful overall appearance. But the whole thing is something of a deja vu. One has to have the impression much seen it elsewhere. Much, and so much in the details, reminiscent of the GS. Autonomy is different. Too bad this has, in the recent past, an essential element of the machinery of the island.

However, success is the triumph of right: what has already worked with the 800 works, certainly in the 1200 Enduro. Apart from the Tiger Explorer shines with complete facilities. In addition to traction control and ABS and cruise control is standard on board. The same applies to the height-adjustable driver’s seat. Will have to pay 13,790 euros if one wishes to the Triumph in the garage.

The case set will cost 759 Euro surcharge, the topcase euro again 439th Very commendable: the baggage system is operated with the ignition key and can be manufactured for a lock without a key position open and closed.

Short price check direction R 1200 GS without baggage system: Crosstourer 13,490 euros, 11,995 euros Versys and Tiger 13,790 euros.

The GS stands with 14,390 euros in the price list. However, without traction control. Thus, the GS comes to 14,735 euros. After all, a mere 2,740 euros more expensive than the Versys.

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