The XXL Tourer Honda Used as

The XXL Tourer Honda Used as


For wild off-road adventure unsuitable, but still, this “Enduromotorcycle a real men. As a veritable pleasing and affordable XL Tourer she calls mostly tall men on the scene.

The seat height of around 85 centimeters is hardly shocking. It is the whole majestic appearance that keeps them safely and saddle up to the light-hearted Varadero. The 280-pound “Enduro” with a broad, but extremely comfortable to maneuver, and a projecting seat, but full ferntourentauglichem tank or even safe to maneuver in the terrain, plus it requires a master’s certificate for XXL steamer.

Attention, small men and women, here’s an important piece of advice: Let’s not put your fingers on this bike, it will overwhelm you! If you are on it but to tame that thick Honda, they give thanks with formidable touring qualities.

The high-torque V2 provides over 90 lively horsepower, wind protection, and long-distance passenger comfort is excellent. The Honda is technically very mature and stable life. When consumption is raised, the carburetor model (until 2002) indicate, however, not as a nerd, drinks with brisk steps also like to have about eight liters.

The leisurely tour travel mode with a restrained hand gas but it also works with less than six. The Einspritzer model from 2003 is less thirsty at the factory, has a firmer suspension and therefore better for surfing and brisk cornering is also available with ABS from 2004.

That makes the guys SD02 and SD03 highly attractive to sober calculating Tour fans. Indeed, contrary to opulent luxury road tourers that are traded as high-quality hand partially or five digits, the Varadero can already be had around 5000 € as superschniekes gem from original owner’s hand. Since there is still money for individual travel accessories and much more gasoline and left to make the holiday very enjoyable, clever! And who because of long legs anyway like sitting high and exalted, can saddle up without hesitation.

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