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He is not only the largest in Switzerland, he’s the second largest lake in Central Europe – Lake Geneva, or Lac Leman in the Canton of Vaud. At the edge of the Savoy Alps, this region offers a magnificent variety in the touring bike and off the saddle. And in the North includes the Canton of Vaud to seamlessly turn a completely different world – somewhere between high society and lived oscillating normality.

This story takes place entirely in the southwestern corner of Switzerland, plays around Lake Geneva, whose name is synonymous with involuntary financial and stock market transactions, stars, celebrities, high society and posh. But the land around the lake is also a real curve paradise away from us day in and day out of its few cities but often heard. Because hardly any of these mega-successful stock market and financial gurus have millions of deals between its time for a spin. And we do that we successfully exploited.

What a cheese!
Before we start our mandatory around the lake, we will devote ourselves to the perfect match once the hinterland, the Canton of Vaud, or “Vaud”. Same extremely high, it goes on the Col de la Croix, a 1778m high pass, we take the morning off from our hotel in the pretty mountain village of Villars-sur-Ollon with up to 12% gradient.

At the top of the pass, we are already expecting great views of the gradual awakening of Savoy and the Valais Alps. Curvy then it goes along the tree line to Les Diablerets, especially a famous winter sports site. Now in summer the village dozing wearily against the next season. About Le Rossex we follow the peaceful Valley of Ormonts a little way up the Col des Mosses. Well it is 1500 meters of gas with a loose hand take before we Ch√Ęteau d’Oex branch in the Haute Gruyere.

To visit the interesting mountain village of Gruyeres, we have to park on a steep climb to well-developed road at the entrance to the bike and stroll through the historic center on foot. Gruyeres is famous for its Fromagerie show dairy with the foot of the mountain. Just follow the strong odor, for a small mite can be daily 9-15 clock, the emergence of true “Gruyere” cheese or Gruyere track.

About Bull, Oron and Moudon it’s back in the canton of Vaud.

Motorcycle hiking at its best through peaceful landscapes filled quickly to the many hours our guide to the “Vallee de Joux” awaken the explorer in me. Because the Vallee de Joux, a completely different and very exciting story to tell. The famous Swiss watch industry.

About the just under 1,450 meters rather tiny Col du Marchairuz and along the “Cote de Biere” We jets in the late afternoon return to Lausanne and Lake Geneva and our accommodation.

Once around, please
Of course, the circumnavigation of Lake Geneva duty. And although complete including French section. We start very early in the morning in Villeneuve, cross the lake that opens into the Rhone, which, incidentally, only 20 kilometers south-east has shaped the magnificent Wallis. Take a look at this touring atlas!

Always up close to the water, we follow the shoreline to the French border. Located in the village of St-Gingolph Sort customs officers the morning commuters and wave us through friendly. We flit along the shore to Evian-les-Bains in France with the famous mineral springs. In the heart of the bustling old town is the historic office building the company Evian, here is the “Cachat source” from which bubbles for thousands of years, the precious liquid. As in ancient times may be his personal daily needs and tap into today’s free.

Just behind in Thonon-les-Bains village Yvoire us receives a greeting directly from the Middle Ages. Artists and craftsmen have settled here, far from the hustle and bustle of our day, small bistros and tiny restaurants invite you to stop, invite you to linger in the distant past.

Rough cut
The financial center of Geneva, brings us back to the here and now. The best view of the city has actually from the Jet d’Eau on the Quai du General-Guisan, that every visitor welcoming water fountain. Pay for a midday stroll through the old town full of energy which we are winding north shore of the lake, of course, not without a role in Nyon or even pop up the side stand and let your eyes wander extensively over the water. The light of a late summer day conjures moods, which can not be escaped.

“Behemoth” is said to have called them so once again, the city of Montreux, our evening destination. Well, lucky, because the current name sounds sophisticated but clear. On a large motorcycle parking on the Quai des Fleurs, we wander from our BMW and walk a lap around the old town, to end the day in the most beautiful city of Lake Geneva.

What curvy world
Once again, we swing the next day very early to Thonon-les-Bains, a small town in which way does the legendary “Route des Grandes Alpes’ began. More tours also included in this atlas. Because before we begin our journey home, still remain a few hours to a trip to the hill at the edge of the Chablais the Savoy Alps. About Vally it goes on increasingly narrow country roads to La Forclaz.

Here lies the proverbial rub, almost every small streets is ours alone, to excessive cornering loads. Almost missed it, we had the tiny sign for Trechauffe, a beautiful spot with a magnificent panoramic view break. Treat yourself to visit absolutely! At the very end of the road also a cozy mountain inn invites you to stop and reflect. About Abondance and the 1369-meter-high pas de Morgins then you go back to Switzerland and cozy home. But a saddlebag full of plans left behind, there are around Lake Geneva to discover much indeed.

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