Motorcycle tour of Salzburg

Motorcycle tour


The Salzburg region is undoubtedly one of the scenically gifted spots in Europe, great poets and composers of them raved about her life long. The fact that we have every reason for bikers truly excessive enthusiasms, I want to prove to you with this story. May I ask …

Regardless of whether two-or four-, three-quarter or whether four eighth-stroke – you should also consider the two full day tours of the story necessarily enjoy free luggage and are therefore looking for a central starting point.

For example, the history-rich town of Hallein in the heart of our subject. Salzburg is a truly magnificent even though also the starting point, but has one big disadvantage: the significant morning and evening rush hours.

And even if you opt for Hallein as a tour site, I should like to mention here my TIP about a rustic accommodation – the famous Ernst Kronreif Hohlwegwirt of Hallein – incidentally, the “K” of KTM. All details in the information section.

A plump itinerary please
After a wonderful breakfast with fresh butter twist and delicious apricot jam, we start our first round. It’s Saturday morning and a short side trip is obligatory on the interesting weekly market of the old town of Hallein salt. But then it’s off to the south into the countryside. Cornering at its best amidst the majestic mountains of more than one Hall intoxicated us immediately.

Although we will have the track direction Sulzau seldom all to ourselves, but soon returns shortly after the remarkable town of Bischofshofen a rest. Quickly set the right turn signal and follow the signs for Muehlbach in high king kingdom. The impressive boulder bears with its 2941 meters until well into May each year, a bright white winter hat, while the winding country has blossomed around its southern flank is already in all the colors of spring.

Full swing, we wag about the rather nondescript Dientner and Filzensattel by Maria Alm sea – what a place name! – And this go around Saalfelden and the Berchtesgaden National Park, which we will devote ourselves at the end of this round is more accurate. Shortly after the tranquil town of Lofer but will wait for a visit to us, you should also treat yourself to important: the lovely Heutal, a beautiful dead end right into the southern flank of the Bavarian Alps.

For an additional driving skills highlight the entire region, we now have to leave Austria very briefly and turn off at Schneizlreuth to Berchtesgaden. Among its natural resources, of course, is one of the famous, mysterious and unfathomable Konigssee, we can reach only by foot as a biker. Already the old Ludwig Ganghofer found his personal paradise here at the foot of the Watzmann massif. A boat ride across the frozen lake for all private waterways is an unforgettable experience, not only because of the magnificent mountain echoes, when the captain blows the trumpet poignant.

Truly touching, but is also the last highlight of our day tour – the tour of Germany’s most scenic road. For this we follow the signs to Berchtesgaden “Rossfeld scenic road.” More than three bikers toll costs € including magnificent views of mountains Watzmann and Hagen, an investment that is from spring until well into the autumn here, particularly gold more than worthwhile.

Off you go
The next day, full-length shows us round the infinite diversity of the region. About St. Koloman it goes off all traffic up to the first of Trattberg scenic road, one of the most beautiful Alpine dead ends in the Tennengau with wonderful views over the surrounding mountains dish. The road is officially open until about May, but if you are early in the year prior to a quite passable track, is my TIP: Try it.

If necessary, you can turn on the adequate and well-paved streets and wide before the apex again. And if there above the Enzianhutte is open, there’s many reasons for a small pit stop.

Intense Kurvenschrubben stands for the rest of the day on our road book. For this we turn to the best-known among bikers “tip” of Salzburg, the toll road between the Postalm Voglau and Strobl.

Especially on weekends, here is literally off the two-wheel-mail – in the boldest word meaning. Infused with its magnificent views of the Dachstein and Tennengebirge. At the top of the cultivated Postalm, the meeting place for all bikers of the Salzburg region should also be sure to celebrate a refreshment break.

Delicious cuisine combined pastures here with countless conversations gasoline into an unforgettable experience. Then it goes further east, into the midst of the land of beautiful lakes and lush green hills.

The south shore of famous Lake Wolfgang wants to lure us then with numerous refreshment options from the runway. We give the lure and treat ourselves to a small retreat with magnificent views of the lake.

No less wonderful are the views from the terrace of the elegant Summer Palace Hotels “Fuschl” at the same waters. Here’s the ice cream sundae-stop-off may cost a few euros more, but you also get a whopping dose of unique ambience. About Elsenwang and Ebenau and idyllic Wiestalstausee we reached Hallein late in the evening again our starting point.

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