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To prevent any misunderstanding immediately: Here are no new Ducati models presented, the Bolognese think of right now not even think of building a 1100 Super Sport or a scrambler with air-cooled engine. It would be worth this dream, to be implemented in real motorcycles. This is not just MOTORCYCLE.

Just because everyone talks about the 1199 Panigale, now is the right time to promote a Ducatieigenen counterproposal. Uniquely sporty, but not extreme racing sport, with more comfortable and more comfortable suspension seating position designed for relaxed highway use. But above all, with simpler, cheaper technology and 100 hp – if all these features work together in harmony, dynamics and driving pleasure to come by itself.

The correspondence from Tom Lux from Hennef (see end of text) was not ordered, although it fits just appointed to this story. He is one of those letters that arrive at irregular intervals every now and then when MOTORCYCLE.

The event itself, while the top test of the MV Agusta F3 in MOTORCYCLE 7/2012 , but the writer gets into a boldly taken the logical curve quickly real to his goal: a simple, low-priced, pretty, lightweight sports bike from Ducati he would like to have again inspired by the legendary 750 and 900 Super Sports in the early 90s.

More caused a sensation at that time other Ducatis, the 851, the 888 and 916 from 1994 and their direct descendants. So the high-end athletes with the water-cooled four-valve engine, these bikes from which emerged the victorious World Superbike racer.


Top models cost about 28,000, but then Mark, and so it happened that while many motorcyclists dream of them, but he prefers buying the cheaper Super Sport models. The also offered authentic Ducati flair and were for those who harbored no ambition racing sports, the auskommlicheren devices. Quick, but less demanding.

In 1998, the athletes were fitted with air-cooled fuel injected engines and redesigned. Technically an improvement visually controversial. Ducati continued this series until 2007 – the last in Germany offered model was the 1000 DS with dual ignition – and still today reported satisfactory sales success. In fact, the full-bodied athletes were never formed so many supporters and buyers as their predecessors have grown.

The test also MOTORCYCLE editor Andreas Bildl agrees. For his conversion, he used like a frame and engine he also found the tank still favor in his eyes. But at the panel and the colors of a white frame, white wheels and red-painted car body parts, it kept the 750/900 Super Sport of 1992.

It is precisely this knowledge, namely that the mediocre sales success of the second generation super car concept is not the blame, but its design seems to have not enforced at Ducati. There is a rumor, CEO Gabriele Del Torchio told, during his tenure there will be no new supercar. Also, development manager Claudio Domenicali is not just as a friend air-cooled engines, from the perspective of an engineer even understandable.

Naturally, that in Bologna with a largely underutilized capacities rather than more expensive to sell a lot more affordable motorcycles. Of these, Ducati spokesman steer with a seemingly difficult question on which we’ve discussed internally many times and for long: “What can be an SS today?”

Here, the answer is quite simple. The same as in the year 1992, developed only 20 years. A sporty Ducati for people who find the brand and its fascinating 1199 Panigale, they can not afford and want to drive less, as required by this bike. Certainly also a highly desirable bike for young people in transit to the expensive Diavels, Multi Strada and Panigales the model program.

Motorcycle designer Stefan got the job force that is to draw what a supercar can be today. During the development process then had the idea to go back to the metallic green / silver livery that of the bevel Ducatis reminiscent of the 70s, an era still on, and so to test the elasticity of the concept. The color scheme works well via time travel, green / silver leads in the 70’s, red / black or plain red 90 in the back.

The technology of today and is available: the full range of air-cooled two-valve engine from the 696er with 75 hp to 100 hp 1079er the Monster 1100 Evo. As Ducati veteran Gianluigi Mengoli in MOTORCYCLE 10/2011 held out the prospect, and 108 hp are still possible, that would be enough slack. The frame construction with a composite of aluminum castings in the arm and steel trellis structure is also as carriers of the steering head of the Monster series. Thoroughbred designer who he is, Stefan Kraft, the casting made less extensively than in the current series machines, light and airy look to the historical models of pick up.

For the same reason, it provides for a separate rear frame, while the Monster series combines engine mount and rear frame in one casting. This should not necessarily be so. If the cost of inspectors due to the new styling and additional castings steel tube frame would sound the alarm, could take over the Ducati developers easily the monster chassis.

The prices of the monster models are currently 7990-11390 €. With an additional charge for the half-fairing could the new highway athletes for 8500 to just under € 12 000 will be offered with ABS for 700 to 1,000 euros more. Depending on how complicated the system is used and how many additional features (traction control, etc.) it has.

Even easier and cheaper to another variant of the Monster series could be realized, a scrambler. It takes an even older Ducati concept again, and the connections between the historical model and the interpretation are also much more relaxed than at the Super Sport.

This is partly because of the technology – the Ducati Scrambler in the 60s were single-cylinder engines with 250, 350 or 450 cc – and secondly because the scrambler long since evolved to have enduros. The original, caused by the conversion of makeshift road bikes off-road machines to intermediate position is technically no longer make sense today. Scrambler, Ducati certainly are pure nostalgia, but they provide attractive design features.

For example, the short, solidly attached to the front fender, which deserves the title, really, the brief minimalist chrome muffler or the tank sides. The handlebar was taken at a Scrambler version higher than that of the monster models, that would change the ergonomics of these strange bikes advantageous. Although there are no similarities in the legislative history, Stefan has his power scrambler design hints given to the Diavel. Analogous to the Super Sport he could very well be an alternative for price-sensitive Diavel fans.

Ducati Scrambler on the subject seem even to think about rather than the super sports – for a small series of fairly prototypical replicas of the original Scrambler was the Italian Umberto Borile tuner performance parts such as cylinder, cylinder head and pistons directly from the Bolognese factory. MOTORCYCLE reported in issue 20/2011.

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