Consolidated trial: Dainese Wave Ridge

Consolidated trial


When you ask a biker what safety equipment they use, few would say they have a backbone independent. Many consider that the ridge of foam or rigid integrated into their jacket is enough. The remaining investment will be an independent dorsal. Many models exist. Among manufacturers, Dainese proposes several solutions.

You can choose the wave. When you catch it within range, its lightness is amazing. Not surprising since it is pierced by hundreds of cell. A second positive result: if your shirt is wet, it’s probably due to a fear but not at the port of the wave. Indeed, the ventilation provided by the ridge is a considerable comfort. After choosing your size (3 heights available) and set the two shoulder straps and belt you’re good to go. Once on the back, the dorsal vertebrae protects all up lumbar. The flexibility and articulation allow an optimum fit to the morphology of each.

In use, it’s all good too. If you feel the back the first 10 kilometers, it is then completely forget. We surprise even to feel naked if unfortunately we did not on the back. After a few hundred kilometers, where some have dipped back because of their back support you, you’re cool like a roach.

To summarize, the Dainese Wave ensures excellent protection. It offers comfort and a lightweight seamless. Only downside: the price. Of around € 130, the fact Wave2 parts of the more expensive models. But protection is priceless especially for a quality like this.

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