Five test SF1: who knows the racing also be comfortable

Five test SF1


High-end manufacturer of Five, SF1 is meant to be racing. Aggressive look to perfection, ubiquitous coverage, the glove Frenchy has a strong case for appeal test.

As much at ease on the road riding a roadster really bad that a supermotard, no matter the bottle as they say, provided we have drunk … Five clings to its catalog, and since the Last year, a glove typed racing / street who is not afraid of the track . On the contrary.

Renowned for its feeling and its adjustment, Five understands that the primary purpose of gloves is to protect the hand of bikers but to do everything smoothly …

Hard, soft, PU, Carbon, foam all styles are present even with a Kevlar lining and a connecting ring / little finger, all aiming to be forgotten when flying. And it must be said that the Five get there easily. No need to break-in period to the leather in his hand, the feeling is to go immediately from the first dose of brake …

But unlike previous models the French boosts feeting with a slightly wider cut that will appeal immediately hands rather thick while the finer will be slightly left. Do not think for as much as you swim in these gloves now, this is not the case but the overall fit is meant to further … a quarter-size if I had to quantify.

The scaphoid is entitled to a protective foam while the pyramid receives a carbon shell perfectly well established. Taking occurs without gene handlebar on a motorcycle-type roadster or supermoto. The finding will be identical with the handlebars bracelet sports. One can regret that the manufacturer Frenchy did not replace the foam part for a more serious matter and safer on impact but also less “hanging” in the slides.

Five test SF1


The perforation side SF1 is not lacking with many inlets on top of the hand and the fingers.

Kevlar lining inside the glove, these holes will play a role too quiet in summer, perfect mid-season and of course too great in winter for road use.

Circuit side, it’s not quite the same lemonade. If the conclusions of the road are reinforced, the coldest season will be quite acceptable, by sweating. Significant, the rainy rollings will not leave black marks on your hands because of a well made leather treatment that has never faded in all our tests. It will be the same parts grafted onto non-slip palm and thumb which will take their role seriously.

Five test SF1

Pleasant without waiting, the Five SF1 will do the trick as threading, facilitated by a V-shaped opening at the wrist and a fabric-lined flange well thought will also play a security role to a perfect connection with the sleeve of your suit or your jacket. The edge of the hand also entitled in all respects with a protective carbon encircled by TPR, and opaque enough to turn the rising confidence in his biker runs.

Five Gloves has not forgotten the external seams in the fingers that will prevent any type of fossilisations under the nails even when braking … how to say … muscular …

While gloves offer cut less fitted than in the past, it will remain accurate as long as the width of the thickness. Avoiding kinks and hem at the palm, the SF1 does not hide unpleasant surprises. You will understand this answer to the comfort rigid hulls of the first phalanx. Divided into two parts the latter is a model of its kind, without sticking or tingling in the key …

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