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It’s under the name of SR1 that Schuberth between the front door into racing helmets. We tried for 6 months.

Touring, sport / touring and racing now, the well-known supplier of “always run” is a new string to its bow by promising to keep its fundamentals: a noise mastered and finished in German.

It was after two years of work crisscross of wind tunnel tests designed the hat from that of Schumacher is unveiled in Cologne in 2010. Unveiled yes, but he nevertheless made himself desired for many months before they can be available … but whatever it is now here and there.


Schuberth worked the look and the sporty metal grids with each fan, a rear spoiler adjustable in two positions but also a refined form at the back to a lower air resistance.

Known for its racing side but also for its difficulty threading the Shoei Z-One is here contained equipment sport / touring … to tell you the difficulty of putting German.

By asking each threading how your head is going to happen, you hope secretly that the foam will relax to facilitate this task dreaded not … well … you will take a worried look after each extraction to see if there is an ear not remain …


Racing in threading it is absolutely not suitable for road use passages that will force your ears refuse. Do not believe if it can be a nightmare on the head. Far from it. Once the SR1 floor knows how to tame even comfortable with enough room to mention making your esgourdes their mistreatment … but nevertheless prohibit the wearing of glasses! We appreciate the soft micro-fiber fabrics treated Coolmax 3D as comfortable as quick to dry. A real plus for track cyclists.

The fact that close to the base also results in a lower internal noise level. Silent to the effectiveness of many breakdowns, the SR1 is more than a Schuberth helmet with its original system (removable) NRS effective to play on the internal decibels. Know that option is offered a more thick obstruction for better hearing. Buyer, in the box, you’ll also get a chin spoiler and a second nose, rather anecdotal …


Worked particularly by the German air intakes are true bursts of oxygen when in motion. Incoming fresh air and warm outgoing flow, whatever it is, is pretty darn impressive both in front of the chin.

Effective, they also mount simply manipulated, even gloved, with the exception of imposed lateral to the ear in order to gain understanding of the outside world, that we were not convinced. Except for a very unpleasant hissing noise erasing his other recent offer no interest …

Schuberth has not been stingy on the sealing flange type screen, very effective, prohibiting outright to air but also water to penetrate.

Complete, it allows a perfect sealing of the screen side of the coin you can not clip it without using both hands and hard to do gloved.

What could have been a real plus is transformed here into default more than its width is too large in the long eaten away by the support pin to lock the screen.

Result in premature wear, which should go in for repair but unworthy of a helmet in this range … On the list of surprises we note the loss of platinum kit left on the Circuit in Portimao, perhaps due to too large a volume of this joint go figure …!



The great strength of the SR1 is its directional stability and perfect support whatever your speed … he never was given to me to test a helmet as little resistant to air!

Top, perfect, unique, adjectives fail to describe the conduct, but also balancing the neutrality of the behavior of displaying full 1329 grams on the scale (weight checked for size S).

The rear spoiler with two positions proposed to fit the characteristics of your bike to reduce the turbulence created. To feel unclear whether the effect is real on road and track, but whatever position you choose will be maintaining close to perfection.

The field of view is not bad either with a standard format 16:9 laterally. Too bad it is not even in the height with a top portion of the hull which tends to catch the eye.

Those who will be riding on the road will appreciate the detent positions in seven of the screen, allowing a precise fit and more than enough to daily. The screen demister meanwhile takes its role seriously with an efficiency hardly objectionable, rollings winter rainy or not.


Low in color, capable of the best with a dynamic performance that could not be faulted for our 6-month trial, the helmet of racing at Schuberth shows himself on the imperial circuit but also unsuitable for road use, prohibiting glasses and earrings, and for good reason …

Really hard to put on and remove because of its design, the SR1, however, can count on a ventilation system resulted by both the debit through manipulation.

However, we will issue reservations about side extractors that should in theory allow a better understanding of the outside world. Instead we felt, once opened, an increase in the volume. Once off the headgear to show silent even higher and chin vents open.

Well finished, our helmet test has been disappointing over the life of the gasket screen pierced at the end of our test, unfortunately not isolated phenomenon. Rarer if one believes the manufacturer, the loss of the left deck kit is a unique case … hopefully for the price-oriented high-end.

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