Every 5th Motorcycle accident prevented



According to the ADAC accident research 21 percent of all motorcycle accidents could have been prevented if the PTW would have been equipped with an antilock braking system (ABS). At a minimum the accident could have been mitigated with ABS. And even 45 percent of all accidents in which only a motorcycle was involved (single-vehicle accidents), could have been avoided by ABS. Due to the greatly improved road safety through the ABS calls the ADAC, that this increase in security is offered in the future for as many motorcycle models.

Basis of the ADAC accident research, the data obtained since 2005, will include photographs of the ADAC air rescue. Meanwhile, 1507 was analyzed accidents involving motorcycles. The proportion of single vehicle accidents is very high at 47 percent. 53 percent of the cases occurred with other people involved in accidents, such as those on collisions between motorcycles and cars.

ABS is characterized primarily in situations in which the driver can not assess the ground and then for fear of a fall, not slowing down with the optimal delay. But other driving errors, such as over-braking or deceleration shock, can be effectively prevented by the driver assistance system.

Another result of the ADAC accident research: collision accidents involving motorcycles are often caused by other road users. So take the bikers passenger car drivers do not perceive or too late. The speed with which to approach the cars motorbikes, is often underestimated.

To exploit the full safety benefits of ABS, motorcyclists should learn to brake with this system in appropriate training courses. Through practical exercises the brake bike is better prepared for critical traffic situations. To improve road safety as a whole, it is sufficient according to the ADAC not only equip motorcycles with ABS.

The policy is needed: for example, roads must be reviewed before curves and possibly maintenance are set. Obstructions at traffic junctions or crossings should be removed.

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