Suzuki SV 650 S



As a bastion of the SV 650 long defended their lead over the rest of the middle class. But their dominance is now broken, because first of Kawasaki has put as good a two-cylinder in an even more versatile chassis, secondly, sister companies Bandit last year upgraded huge, third, has cost € 3 noticeably temperament.

Nevertheless, the legendary engine still determines the overall experience, developed mainly in the middle of its powerband is amazing powers, to the clean gas, consumes little and never makes a funny business. The chassis is described with the best balanced, and that also means that a good compromise between comfort and firmness was found. In addition, the SV is very handy. Your standard supported by a good ABS brakes have nothing in principle against Landstraßenbolzerei act but rather wooden.

Similarly, improvement of passenger space and appear light. Sport it is typical that the extremely flexed posture halbverschalten loaded on the S version of the wrists.


Length: 2080 (2120) mm
Width: 745 (730) mm
Height: 1085 (1170) mm
Wheelbase: 1440 (1470) mm
Seat Height: 800mm
Vehicle weight: 194/ABS = 197 (196/ABS = 199) kg (equipped)
Fuel tank capacity: 17L
Engine Type: .2 DOHC4 valve cylinder water-cooled 4stV
The amount of exhaust: 645cc
Inner diameter × stroke: 81 × 62.6mm
Compression Ratio: 11.5
Maximum output: 72ps/9000rpm
Maximum torque: 6.5kg-m/7200rpm
Transmission speed: 6 (in parentheses are S)

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