Short sleeve version for body armor Body Stunt MC Mike

body armor


Mike the Bike back with a new version of its full protective Body Stunt. Declined with short sleeves, the vest is equipped MC Stunt Body protectors at shoulders, elbows, the back and chest.

Responding to European standards 1621-2, it is made like its big brother with the mesh fabric to ensure the rider maximum air passage.

Positioning belt at the waist, zippered center (type YKK) for easy entry and tightening tab at the forearm, the protective vest Mike is declined only in black and size S 3XL.

Mad and sold in all stores Big Store of France and Navarre, it will be yours in exchange for a ticket of 79 euros.

Reminder: this type of protection was not designed to resist abrasion, so it will use the top or under a jacket when practicing the stunt (during exercises such as slow).

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