Review Suzuki Bandit 600

 Review Suzuki


On the Suzuki Bandit 600, the revision takes place every single 6000 km. Every 12,000 km, it is a little greater. There, it was worse. The engine was sluggish at low speeds, the brake pads were rinsed and I had retende the chain every 250 km. In short, the passage at the dealership became urgent for the well exceeded 24,000 km.

When you leave your bike for a review, you always wonder how it is treated. And it is always with a twinge of regret that the beautiful leaves in the hands of a stranger. But not this time. There, I rest.

The appointment was made for an operation under two hours!

The bike in the shop of the dealer
So between the bike to go and land on deck. In this exclusive concession Suzuki, there are mostly old-timers. It is always reassuring to know that his bike will be well treated by a mechanic who drove his rods. There, it was Nicolas who cares for her, as on previous occasions.

The thinning begins: the saddle, then the tank. And bridge rises the beautiful 7th Heaven. The drain plug is unscrewed and a black oil flows into the tank.

 Review Suzuki

Change in chain
We test the string by taking it from behind … glimpse of the day, while new chain sticks perfectly to the rear courronne. There is no denying it, it must be changed after a barely respectable life of 24,500 km in all weather: including rain and snow.

This mileage is in the low average lifetime of a chain, despite regular lubrication. A well maintained chain can be well over 30,000 km. Scotttoiler a system like this can even extend life of several thousand miles further, but it is not installed here.

Note: a chain must always be properly tensioned, maintain a clearance of 2 cm towards the top and bottom, once sat on the bike! Wrong tense or too tight a chain will wear faster and may break, with the risk of falls and breaks if it smashes the case in the aftermath.

The chain has addressed the grinder to blow up one of the riveting of rivets.

The carrier courronne is disassembled and cleaned to welcome a new crown with 47 teeth of origin. A little soap is on the dump trucks to facilitate the slipcase. Dumpers rubber parts are located at the central axis serving as a damper torque.

The new channel as soon replace the old. It remains only to watch the quick with the right tool that will crush the head of the outer pad. Then it is no longer possible to disassemble.

At the crown before, a little thread lock on the axis of the nut will help ensure that the crown will not unscrew one.

Then there is a trivial chain tension: align the marks on both sides. BTR gives the key last 1/4 turn on each side and one can tighten the nut from the central axis.

A blow to check tire pressure and bring a 2.5 rear and 2.3 front.

Small amenenent usual checks to put a little oil at the center stand (it’s true that she did not call up easily).

We open the breather … a pipe which collects: oil vapors and gas and water condensation.

 Review Suzuki

Brakes and pads
The rear pads are still good by cons, platelets arrive before the end of their race after 12,000 km of loyal service. A little air in the calipers to remove dust, a little oil to lubricate the pistons so that it does not jam, and especially being careful not to put either on disk or on platelets.

The clamp spring clips are removed, the two new pads are attached to the inside (they grip the central disc) and the axis of platelets and reassembled everything (game board: 39 €).

The discs are in perfect use, to check, just look at the surface and especially its thickness to be usually 4 mm. Normally, they must live the life of the motorcycle if pads are changed in time and in normal use.

It is time to go down the bike.

The filter is removed to check its condition. Changed there is only 6,000 km, it will still take 6000, which was not the case of a model Bandit 600 newest, which with a smaller filter needs to be changed every 6,000 km. There will be therefore a good candidate given on the air filter to remove some dust.

Electrical tests are performed regulations: headlights, turn signals, brake light, horn.

The battery meanwhile is in perfect condition without maintenance, it should hold a minimum of 10 years. In fact, everything depends on the preparation that is performed by the dealer upon receipt of the bike and if the period of 1/2 h, 1h has been respected in order to let the chemical reaction. It is also important during the rainy season to maintain the charge. A maintenance-free battery fully discharged and recharged quickly to not hard then to hold a charge thereafter. This was the case on an ER-6. The battery has not lived more than 12,000 kilometers (70-80 euros and the battery, better be careful).

It is then the turn of four candles to be changed (8 € the candle). Slightly brown color show a good carburation, but the center electrode is visibly attacked. The candles are removed, replaced and reassembled in the order following the affiliation of power cable (from 1 to 4, from left to right).

Flushing is completed. There is still time to remove the oil filter changed along the drain (9 €). The drain plug is closed and the oil tank refilled: Motul 5100 10W40, ample for a roadster like this (3.5 l = € 27).

Carb sync
It only remains to make a sync carburetion, usually done every 12,000 km, and especially after a drain and a change of candles, with a clean air filter. Carb sync. ensures that all butterfly carburetors are open equally to small regime. Indeed, at high speed, they are wide open and it makes no difference. So, the sync has only an effect on low revs up to about 4000 rev / min.

We begin not calibrate the device by setting the camera on one of the carburetors, headlights on (as in rolling position). The ball must be central. It then regulates the 1et2 together, then 3et4, and finally that between the two couples. Once this is done, you do an audit by putting the gas slightly.

A standard review as it takes about two hours.

Ideally, there should be a move to clean up everywhere, leaving a number of cables in the ducts to clean / lubricate. Change brake fluid will wait for its next revision.

Make a regular review of the self-cleaning type of chain lube everywhere wisely, significantly prolongs the life of the motorcycle None of the operations described above is impractical yourself. Only the fuel sync requires some equipment and investment. Careful to respect the environment when draining not to throw the engine oil in the wild!

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