Basics: Spark

Basics: Spark


Without it happens in a gasoline engine no: Spark plugs create the decisive spark that ignites the mixture in the cylinder. 2Rader explains how to keep your candles ready.

Whether a spark plug must be replaced, has nothing to do primarily with their age, mileage and pollution are urgent.

Who his bike mostly in city traffic and with a lot of start-stop moving, the spark plug must pay more attention than one that runs mostly on the open road quickly in the mid to upper rpm range.

Particularly high quality spark plugs have a very thin center electrode made of platinum or iridium. This is 0.8 to 1.2 mm, much thinner than that of a standard spark plug (2.5 mm), heats up quickly and therefore has less surface on which to set the combustion residues.

  • Tool at hand: For high-seated spark plug spanner is enough of on-board tools for removal and installation.
  • For deep-seated spark plugs, as is common in modern engines with dual overhead camshafts, one needs a long rubber band inserted with a spark plug wrench to aid installation, the candle holds the safe removal and installation.
  • Around the spark plug to the correct torque (see manual) to tighten, a corresponding spark plug socket attachment for torque wrench is required.

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