Vest UFO Pro Ergo: Be Safe!

Vest UFO Pro Ergo


The new Ergo Pro in UFO is not just a vest that incorporates protections. The brand selected for its design, Sensitive ® fabric that offers many properties. Extra-fine fiber that is elastic and regulates body heat. The textile fiber Sensitive ® also dries quickly and protects the rider from UV.

Vest UFO Pro Ergo

That’s not all, for a gain of everyday comfort; in addition to being elastic fiber Sensitive ® fabric does not retain the sand not to generate irritation. Not to mention all the seams on the outside made not to create friction against the skin.

So much work on the matter but UFO is not neglecting security in fact, the jacket Ergo Pro includes unprecedented coverage in the middle of the bike as equipped with a honeycomb structure.

In addition to important absorption capacity, these cells contribute to dissipate body heat. The protections are ideally placed to protect the areas most exposed and most sensitive in the case of fall, without significant discomfort to the driver.

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