Supersport – 2012: Another new French on a Kawasaki with Jules Cluzel!



A year ago, we imagined that the class Supersport was in its twilight and that it declined along with the star Moto 2 was. It is clear that 2012 reverses the trend since the category of the 600 vitamin fond Flammini is not only full of committed, but in addition, once again draws the protagonists disappointed with the Grand Prix.

We learn that the team used since the trans WTR 250 and 125, and again recently in Moto 2, playing with Dorna, move to Supersport with Kawasaki and the ambition to make the Superbike in 2014. To do this, he took another Grand Prix driver in the person of our Jules Cluzel , which thus opens a new chapter in his career after a steady rise in Moto 2 and 250. But 2011 was the year without, and that of questioning.

The orientation has not escaped the great sage Phillipe Debarle which, although making feast, had kept an eye on his computer when negotiating the new year. In passing, we note that the mark of Akashi is the package Supersport in 2012 with not only the hiring of Sofuoglu , but also the presence of three lights, as well Cluzel joinedForest and Lanusse .

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