Protections All One, ridges Tank

ridges Tank


Sold in all stores Dafy Moto, All One Tank backbones are currently available. Available in three versions of sizes (3, 6 and 7), these protections back All One Tank easily find their place under your jackets or jackets without limiting your actions through their shell architecture promotes freedom of movement.

Soft and comfortable, the Tank is back of course comply with European standards currently in force.

Ridges All One Tank is equipped with straps (on versions 6 and 7) and a belt both adjustable via two elastic and two broad bands scratch on either side of the hull allowing a more precise adjustment of the morphology the driver .

ridges Tank

Additional information

  • Unique colors: black.
  • Three models, more or less covering: 3 / 6 / 7.
  • Size available: M and L.
  • Suggested retail price: for Tank 3, count 74.50 euros, the intermediate size (Tank 6) against you will be 94.50 euros while the greatest of all (Tank 7) exchanged precisely against 99.50 euros .

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