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Curve addicts can not just Scarlett sweat. Even with the wrong dress code on the bike threatens the climate collapse. MOTORCYCLE betrays with what underwear you remain at operating temperature. 17 sets in the test.

Sweating, “says lectures Gore-Tex Press Hans-Peter Rudolph liked,” is a basic, essential body function. “The sentence is aimed primarily at those who sweat despite climate membrane-tipped motorcycle apparel as well as shaking his head descend from the box. Of course, bears the word “breathable”, with which the air diaphragm is provided in the same breath with “wind and water tight”, with this confusion.

Much more appropriate would be to instead speak of vapor permeability.

What would a horror copywriters would describe the operating principle that is much better climate of membranes: human sweat, sweat evaporates, vapor molecules to pass through the air diaphragm (not for big drops of rain), done.

There’s just one catch. Motorcycle riders wear the combination of Gore-Tex type and Co. did not directly on the bare skin. Like to be worn on your favorite T-shirt underneath, and also on the jeans may not waive some bikers. What happened? Man runs, sweats, cotton’s absorbs and brings out the above transfer to a standstill.

Of comfort is with the damp cloth, then glued the clammy body, no trace. Especially Alps driver, who drives out of the warm valley on the cold pass, will have to fight very quickly with the intricacies of this refrigerator effect. For sports enthusiasts such as hikers and mountain bikers in the grip of functional clothing has long been taken for granted.

Motorcycle riders are still quite critical of her on – even though most of them with membrane clothing is on the way. On offer in the motorcycle dealers can not lie though: all of 17 sets are summarized in this review – that had to be found without additional in-or outdoor sports stores.

And the result? The bottom line can truly be proud. For there is nothing, which the testers would be broken out into a cold sweat.

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