JPMS 2012: Pro-Racer d3o Top Product of the Year category “Sports Products”

Sports Products


In the open category for products to improve the performance of competitors or competing gear is Racer and Ridge d3o Pro-Top who seduced the judges who appreciated its “ergonomic protection remains place during a fall.

A soft, breathable jacket incorporating d3o, which provides optimum protection (in case of impact, the d3o becomes rigid to protect the rider). ”

Dorsal certified level 2, the Pro-Top should remain in place in case of loss of balance with his vest nylon mesh. Lightweight and flexible, the backbone is also shown broken down to protect your nostrils … and those in the neighborhood …

  • Size: M to XL
  • Price: 99 euros
  • Launch date: April 2012

The d30-Top Pro is competing for the Grand Prix Product of the Year JPMS 2012 presented this weekend in Lyon.

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