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If it happens a bit cramped, though slender fingers and feeling are much in demand, then strikes the hour of great little tool from the ¼-inch league. 16 handy screwdriver sets were allowed to show their talent.

Same time extend the battery, short repair times and the taillight, in between the mirror set – the bike is a lot of work for which the very large caliber tool would be fully dimensioned. First, because the necessary sensitivity decreases with increasing length of gun. Second, because often simply lack the space to be set or operate the tool. ½-inch drives have no place in a 10-key length nothing, which is for motorcyclists as jack of all trades 3/8-Zoll-Antrieb marketed for real Fummelkram still too large.

That leaves the good old ¼-inch set that belongs in every household screwdriver. These range from the sub-ten-euro rummage bargains to pro-rate that can be well within the three-digit euro range.

MOTORCYCLE went shopping in the late summer of 2011 in the metropolitan area of Stuttgart and covered the relevant motorcycle accessories retailers, various DIY stores and car accessory dealers and collected, which might be of interest to the hobby screwdrivers. Which certainly is not representative, nevertheless, a pretty good overview of the market bidding hunting yield has 16 sets.

Sets that are not necessarily all to compare directly – why was this time waived for product testing standard closing table – but at least a ¼-inch gun and a basic assortment of bits (with ¼-inch recording the names of the parts of screwdrivers inserts have to offer). With the exception of Vera also sets all the boxes are equipped with sockets.

Said inserts have a hexagonal profile that either attaches to the edge or classic (screw gently) on the flanks. In addition, some nuts with wave profile in the offer. This often also fanciful names marketed profiles have the advantage on most botched and often not even fit on metric bolts and nuts. But what in turn has the disadvantage that the nuts sit does not work perfectly and provide increased wear or jam, or even in unfavorable cases may slip through. What profile form their own habits screwdriver comes closest, sorry to find out each individually.

For details please note the contents as well: the subtle differences in the Phillips and Torx size specifications. PH stands for the Phillips head, the “classical” form Phillips, PT stands for Pozidriv contrast, one in the metal and engineering rather unusual Phillips. While the provider agreement with the PH / PZ names are there at a certain size the Torx-proliferation, for Torx is a registered trademark and the use of the correct type (eg T40) costs royalties. In “tamper proof” Torx screws (which are associated with the pin in the middle) is the abbreviation used in the summary TR for “Tamper Resistant”.

Far more than the size to be interested MOTORCYCLE that meet certain minimum requirements, the test candidates. And they are by the “German Institute for Standardization,” and the corresponding DIN set quite accurately. For example, a ¼-inch square drive can handle at least 62 Nm. What to ¼-inch model even more powerful and can be applied by no means all guns by hand and without any extension. T-handle ratchet finger or the very short guns create only a fraction of it.

The slightly longer specimens but quite reach such levels, the MOTORCYCLE determined on a torque tester. Outliers? KS Tools failed even in front of the DIN value, and LUX weakened only slightly above the minimum requirement. There were far more outliers in terms of dimensional stability, determined by using the MOTO-called “limit gauges.” Now does not equal any Phillips screwdriver, which is not quite true to size, bound for botched screws make, but the requirements are indeed not an end, and at least when used frequently it takes revenge at some point, if the tool and workpiece will not fit exactly to each other.

But before that must have no concern, he heeded the advice MOTORCYCLE purchase or access it as (semi) professional screwdrivers equal to the outrageously expensive, but really very tasty winner.

Keyword buying tip: The one with just under 35 € outrageously cheap Proxxon box is the real surprise of this test tool. With the very useful and well-stocked in detail well-made set makes it guarantees nothing wrong and can go anywhere. And then, when only 55 € should be left, it must necessarily be the Vera-set. Beautiful can not simply with ¼-inch screws.

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