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News - Suzuki


The brand Suzuki knows the difficult hours. It seeks to recover his ball from Volkswagen , even the Moto GP , no longer exist in Superbike only through a private-Crescent Yoshimura, and is short on news. However, it does not sink completely into lethargy and the French network is not the last to stir to life the emblem of Hamamatsu.

News - Suzuki

Thus, the lights give us a Christmas present before the hour with the site redesign. Completely redesigned to be more friendly, more modern living, guests can find all the details on the range and accessories, network, competition, and related services as an opportunity, insurance, and the extended warranty.

And as Suzuki never does things by halves, the opportunity has been taken to implement the accessible from the site. The daily visit is an opportunity for all motorcyclists to follow the news and react to information, but also to go behind the scenes of the brand and the network: events, news pilot projects, delusions of dealers, miscellaneous records and varied, unpublished pictures on the menu.

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