Leather suits in the test (Part 1)

Leather suits


Who wants to drive it to the extreme sports should choose the one piece. MOTORCYCLE examined, do what ten leather suits from 600 € and whether two low-budget outfits can keep up with sporty ride.

Globalization opponents in this test have no real joy. After all, with one exception are all tested combinations of leather from the Far East – although well-known and long established European brand names and logos emblazoned on most station wagons. The leather suit of the old German mark is the same as the hero of the renowned Italian label Alpinestars from China. And the Swiss fabricators of IXS set up a production facility in China.

On Lindstrands Swimsuit flutters while a Swedish flag, but not change the fact that the leather in the Middle Kingdom is summarized tailors.

Only the Italian cult brand Dainese more familiar to European values – although Ukraine will probably not include the traditional production locations on the home continent.

The debate now could rekindle if the starting material leather takes a closer look and finds that it has in the course of the production process already circled half the world. At the same time there but the quality of the leather in this little test to find fault principle. Even the two relied on for purposes of comparison low-budget combinations of Louis and Polo can offer at least standard-class standard, combined with the Firefox, it’s even a bit more.

Together with Andreas Gerber took MOTORCYCLE Oettrich the quality of the leather closer look. The creed of the specialists in leather “leather must be stable above all it is soft with good care of itself..” Not all combinations in this test were practiced his thumb stroke, stood by what he can slip through a fold of the thumb and forefinger.

A build up of small-scale set pieces (Probiker, Vannucci) was equally critical of him as Patzer commented on the quality of selection. Not only hero and ixs afford some blunders by partly inferior leather parts like these are handled by the abdominal flap.

Even with the Dainese leather quality varies with some cases so-called loose grain lots, which would be more suitable than leather lining.

Significantly better in the picture Alpinestars, Berik and Arlen Ness, where the leather shows through the bank a strong, unified image. But a good leather construction alone is not a good combination of long.

Leather suits

This is required primarily cut Generic know-how. Especially when one piece, it arrives at the seat next to a crisp as a high mobility. The chaff is already in the dry sample from the wheat. Leather suits, which had hung like a wet sack on the bracket, are plaguing the carrier with a sporty seating position with a noticeable loss of comfort.

Promise more comfort overalls that look hard before changing to the races. From unruly arrival and should not be deterred. Also, it is not saying that in future as the hunchback Quasimodo strode through the area. More importantly, it fits well with sharp knee bent and flexed upper body over the tank. What comfort will provide close-fitting one-piece, shown in this test extremely impressive. Even the hardcore race tuned to a station wagon use by Arlen Ness, Berik can compete with the convenience of many a good touring suit seated. Where they also have the advantage of being the protectors of the joints and wrap well in case of fall in place remain.

But here we are approaching the thorniest issue in this test. Although plug protectors in any combination in there and meet all the specifications of EN 1621-1. (But let us for the big “buts.” Bids by nearly all test takers, the minimum protection by the shoulders, elbows and knees are surrounded by substandard defenders.

In addition, but hardly something to be expected. Only Hein Gericke, in the regular test field effective Combination offers, with protectors at the hips and back, a full-protection package. For all other must be either upgraded or even lack of option even waived.

Really understand that it is the uncompromising fumble towards racing suits tailored so blatantly. That there can be no question of price is a further reflection of the views of the Gericke suit. Has nevertheless ruled that the commercial red pencil here, reveals a further indication: Often used in the shoulder protectors with little protection area, identified by the designation “Type A”.

Such protectors are designed from an ergonomic and biomechanical point of view exclusively for children or small women’s sizes and thus have no place in a men’s clothing size 52 (or L) is nothing. Before now, some people retooling think about: Bags and interface are usually adjusted to exactly that size. A reasonable size of one’s own protector can only adjust a skilled leather cutter. Who wants to upgrade his desire combined accordingly finds at Stefan Rottger is always an open ear.

There is no real scolding from the test results of the protectors. Finally, all remain within the norm. Nevertheless, something must be gemakelt.

According to the standard is 35 kilo Newtons (kN) allowed residual force, which may remain in charge of a five-kilogram-body case from one meter on average remain. That the value of the 1990s, is now hopelessly outdated, show measurement results of protectors, the residual force only varies between ten and 15 kN. A revision of the standard is to MOTORCYCLE information shortly before the ratification.

In this there will be similar to the EN 1621-2 standard for back protectors a second, more stringent limit that is likely to be 20 kN. By then, some manufacturers have to worry about whether their old-school protectors are 25 to 30 kN force still remaining portable. Nevertheless, it still applies: always nice top.

Leather suits in the test (Part 2)

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