Handling Test Part 2

Handling Test


The recorded values of speed, steering angle and power to prove that a good, stable chassis enables all sections, both on the course as on the track, the best values. However, the differences in rounds or section at the time and speeds are not as great as it feels the driver is subjective.

The lower the speed, the lower the benefits of optimally adjusted chassis. The hard folding in Flic-Flac with fast tempos around 140 km / h the suspension stable gains, however, significantly meters. There is also the heavy wheels make noticeable; resulting in the lowest section speed of 132.0 km / h and raise the steering torque to 148 Nm.

By far the greatest concern is the driver the enormous movement of the fork and shock when adjusted soft suspension, with the lap time by 1.27 s increased to 1.25,22 min. The limp damping allows only a weak feedback between the tire and the driver.

This is why the limit does not properly assess and especially clearly in the fast track out of tempo passages. Similarly, in event of low air pressure in the tires (PS lowered from 2.5 bar to 1.8 bar front and rear tires from both). The feedback is small because the tires knautscht and kneads and steering commands only indirectly implements.

Handling Test

When adjusted one degree flat chassis (steering head angle 65.1 degrees resulting in 99 instead of 66.1 mm trail instead of 93 mm) result, the driver with much more power steering work, but remains in the lap time only 2 / 10 seconds off the fastest time with optimal chassis back. However, this reflects an incorruptible value of a non-re: the increased effort of the pilot reduces the driving pleasure.

Even the tester was amazed at how different and one can ride the same motorcycle test. To the technician he said after his ride on the track with a soft setup: “If I ever had such a lousy chassis under the butt, I would stop riding mopeds.”

And that’s what the fast motorcycling. Rauszuhauen in a round with the crowbar that is a good time to risk over a race distance or a dearly-bought race training on a botched landing gear across the bone, the other one. Sure, you can also get used to bad votes and quickly go.

Really good for one but not more. After all, who must fight in every corner and in every phase of acceleration with the bike, the fun loses burning. Is well known, and the one most rapidly when the motorcycle the steering commands of the driver quickly, accurately and reacted with good feedback. Then dares you to your own limits, try a different time, possibly faster line. But how to get an optimal setup? There’s only one thing to try.

Handling Test Part 1

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