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Grisons is the largest canton in Switzerland with a long history, beautiful landscapes, high passes and impressions that can fill more than a tour documentary. Heinz E. Studt explored the Alpine heart of Switzerland, of course, with a detour to the most famous part – the Engadine. And was allowed to climb the highest permanently inhabited village in the Alps is also present.

Swiss are our neighbors not an enviable folk? Deep pore and peacefully away from the crises in Europe, they live in an Alpengartlein, is unparalleled. Alpengartlein one whose heart is called the Grisons and the roof of the Engadine. Graubunden is the Oberalp to Ofenpass from Ratikon to San Bernardino one of the most scenically varied touring areas that the motorcyclists – or many motor (with a truly three “f”!),
As the Swiss call ourselves a nice touch – have asked for. Especially in the autumn to a more than colorful season finale.

A kick-off on the up
“So far from everything, so … here is metaphysically live well in this strong, bright air. True, the most beautiful corners of the earth …”Friedrich Nietzsche hailed as his most creative summer months from 1881 to 1888 spent in the Engadine. And although the fohnige Malojawind the writer often plagued with headaches and fever, but he was drawn back year after year in the mountains of the Engadine. Also, we begin our journey into Nietzsche’s paradise; have pitched in Ardez our first camp.

The seven cases are quickly stowed in the hotel and we set off for the first round. Scuol, the main town in the Lower Engadine is just a few winding kilometers and its picturesque square spontaneously invites us to a caffeinated refreshments. Well rested the image via the Emerald Inn on Tarasp.

Castles and Knights of mouthwash
Visible from afar, perched on a rocky cone Tarasp Castle. A horde of robber barons to the castle around 1040 AD. Have built.. But even 100 years later died from their kin in the absence of healthy male descendants and the walls were falling apart. Beginning of the 20th Century fell in love with the German manufacturer Karl August Lingner in the sad remains of the ruins and bought for a mere 20,000 francs.

From all corners of Europe was then Lingner furniture, carpets, paneling and coats of arms to gather in order to enable the castle to its original condition. 1914 was topping out in the summer of 1916 should be solemn inauguration. But a few days before he died, the dream of his longed-for retirement home in mind. That’s what I call a real tragedy!

The sun scrapes already on the tops of the surrounding mountains, as we jet back from the seclusion of Scuol in the vitality of the Lower Engadine. A good meal and a small bottle of red wine Engadine round the day off perfectly. And outside the door for a city dweller downright breathtaking variety of constellations sparkle close enough to touch.

Of bishops and famous Alpine passes
Above the valley road I drive our Bavarian tour boat the next day to Guarda, an open-air museum with free admission. My tip: before you go off the moped on the outskirts and you roam on foot through the streets barely wide handlebars. Great! Then it goes further along the Inn River to Zuoz. In the 12th Century was bought by the Bishop of Chur, the former mountain farm to build it the focal point of his reign.

400 For many years he managed it well, until the end of the 15th Century, the Austrian Imperial Army invaded plundering the Engadine.

But great was the astonishment of the mercenaries, as they found Zuoz in ruins. The residents themselves had set fire to their houses. When the Austrians were again removed, was built of hand many of the imposing town houses around the attractive village square again.

At first the signs to the Albula Pass still happily ignoring our RT I exaggerate only once to St. Moritz, that melting pot of stars and celebrities from A-, B-and C-list celebrities. Only a few more curves then opens up the Inn Valley to the magnificent Upper Engadine lakes, leading us directly towards Maloja, the most famous Engadine Beautiful Pass right-left combinations simply take us down a flying visit to neighboring Bergell. Then it says again “Maloja – here we come!”. This time from the other side and tricking a little more demanding.

Finally the sky
Speaking of which: One of the highest mountain passes of the Alps may not be missing in this story. In Silvaplana he branches off to the west – the way up to the rock world of the Julier Pass. An absolute must for bikers in the Engadine. Just as the Albula and siblings Fluelapass as alternative ways to Davos. We choose the Fluela today, on top of the pass at 2383 m lush leaves of the winter cold almost all year round and business cards. Significantly warmer than Davos welcomes us a little later “highest holiday and congress town” at 1,600 meters.

As Thomas Mann stayed here for a cure, collecting facts and impressions for his “Magic Mountain”. And yet he condemned the Davos Kurbetriebe pretty, but he helped the town to international fame. This also explains why the residents have long been reconciled with the writer who died in 1955.

About monastery we swing in the last light of day through the beautiful valley Pratigau Landquart and on to Churchill to our reserved accommodation. In real Graubundner delights from the kitchen and wine cellar we let the twisty day in the lovely old town.

Comfortably the next day we wag out of town to the west. However, the busy Canton Road 19 barely prepares driving skills and enjoyment so I sit in the left turn signal direction Tamins Versam, heal a small, mountainous country with huge houses and spectacular panoramas.Here our Mopeduhr ticking immediately comfortable, here is the “green belt” on the card twice as wide as the road beneath our tires. 25 km impasse us into a completely silent world.

Even the obvious high-Vals valley road is a secret. Between pastures and rocky landscapes we swing straight up into the heart of the Grisons Alps. Isolated mountain villages and farms line the road, at the very end of the valley of Vals and then wait Zervreila Reservoir on us, two very special quality biscuits break.

What a colorful finale
Continue west on this day also attract two famous passes in the Swiss Alps, the Lukmanier and St. Gotthard. But I could “check off” on my life road book already, so we treat ourselves on the way back to Chur still a very special highlight. We employ at Reichenau Thusis, roam the famous Via Mala Gorge and look for the junction just past the left up to Andeer to Avers and Juf, the highest, permanently inhabited village in the Alps.

On twisty, many a time and a little more than handlebar width uphill road I drive our boat trip 25 km. My advice: listen while driving to the post horn signals of the bus. Nevertheless, its driver are true masters of their craft, can bring an encounter in a confined space and the bikers of old blood pressure to unhealthy rabbit explosion.

If you want to treat it but after all the effort worthwhile without a doubt a very special quarters for the night, the board should look into the “Edelweiss” on a bed height of 2.126m rich. You are not only closer to their dreams of heaven a great piece.

However in one for me every time to get used to the altitude. We treat our RT on this late afternoon once a long break, we go full time in the world on a bench along the way and look at the sun to go down. And while the roof of the Alps in the last rays of the sun begins to glow, once more I understand why the Swiss such a peaceful, resting in themselves are little people. In this country, these mountains and the nature of this story…

With 7,000 square kilometers is the largest area of Grisons canton, 150 valleys, 600 lakes and 900 mountain peaks give him his very typical face. But much more interesting than any statistics, the country itself, its people, its unique pieces with their trilingual Graubunden (German – Italian – Romansch), its protected species and natural course the magnificent bike routes that connect all these beauties together.

Climate and Seasons:
With an average altitude of 1,200 meters prevail throughout the canton with snowy mountains, alpine conditions and passports. The colorful Grisons Alps summer, however, spoiled biker with pleasant temperatures around 20 to 25 ° C. The motorcycle season begins in May and extends well into the autumn often resistant. October is the whole canton of golden glory, the winter leaves from the end of October, his first business cards.

Motor Racing:
Graubunden offers almost the entire Alpine range motorcycling. Of winding valleys and scenic mountain trails for the enjoyment joyful exploration to advanced riders Group passes as true inclinations challenge extends the offer. Here, everybody can make his own personal ideas bikers a successful tour. Only one should just never missing during a visit to the Grisons: enough time in the tank bag!

Eating and drinking:
Culinary delights, such as dried beef or nut tart are must for any world-famous journey through the Canton. The Grisons wineries, although modest in size, but produce high quality wines. Those who prefer hops and malt should try the spicy “Calanda” beers or liquid treats of the highest brewery in Europe in Moonstone at Davos.

And when it comes night, the canton of the full range of possibilities, ranging from campsites to beautiful lakes or rivers on countless guest houses and bed and breakfasts to award-winning hotels.

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